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15 Times Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Us Laugh, Whether He Tried To Or Not

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a massive force in Hollywood since the 80s. While we always remember him for his over the top action scenes and badass one-liners, it's easy to forget that the man has an excellent sense of humor.


He makes us laugh as often as he makes us want to blow stuff up, and between these 15 one-liners, pranks, stunts, and occasional bits of terrible writing, we think it's time we remember his funniest moments.

Pranking fans while dressed up as The Terminator.

"Knock knock"

"Stick around"

"Put That Cookie Down!" - The Remix

Using his voice for Darth Vader

His thoughts on Richard Dawson

Having to look after kindergarteners

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"Introducing Abadah"

All the terrible Mr. Freeze puns


His thoughts on the economy

"You're fired"

Be careful about inviting him to parties

Trying to smile as a killer robot


Blowing s*** up

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