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12 Toys That Confused Us As Kids That We Need Answers For

Most of the time when you're a kid, you tend to just accept things no matter how weird they are (I mean, we're totally okay with things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy). However, some of the toys we loved absolutely confused us then, and these 12 in particular still confuse us now.

How did putting this spoon in the cherry jar actually refill it? HOW I ASK?!


Good luck figuring out how Furbies actually learned our language.

Why the hell did we want to eat the guts of a dissected alien?


Did anybody actually care about Mouse Trap past building the trap and setting it off?

Why did they take Troll dolls and try to turn them into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ripoff?


How did these tubes make that "whooshing" sound and why did we like it so much?


What weird combination of science and black magic did it take to make Pixel Chix characters move between games?


Why was this commercial so much better than the actual game it was advertising?

How did this baby bottle actually drain and refill itself?


So, if this company was able to make bubbles that wouldn't pop, why didn't they all do that?!


How did this sand instantly become dry and unclump itself when you took it out of the water?


Who thought this was a good idea?!


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