12 Secrets About He-Man That Will Make You Say "By The Power Of Grayskull"

If you're a child of the 80s, you almost definitely grew up on He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe." The story of Prince Adam of Eternia defending Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor kept us captivated with its ridiculous characters and colorful action scenes, even though it was just an excuse to sell us toys. You may have seen all 153 episodes, we're willing to bet there's a few things you didn't know about it!Skeletor is He-Man's uncleMattelThe comics hinted at this, and in the 2002 remake of the cartoon, it was revealed that Skeletor is


Everyone Seems To Miss This Important Detail In 'Home Alone'

Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, and it's easy to understand why. Directed by Chris Columbus and written by the late, great John Hughes, it has comedy, action, tension, and above all else, heart.FOXIn case you're one of the three people who hasn't seen it before, the movie stars a young Macauley Culkin as Kevin McAllister, the youngest kid in a dysfunctional family who are about to leave on a trip for Christmas. A power outage forces the family to rush to the airport, only to realize once they're in the air


12 Forgotten 80s Toys That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

The most delicious-looking board game ever.Parker BrothersCasey the Talking Robot, because all cool toys needed to be able to talk to you.PlayskoolThe California Raisins, because we convinced ourselves they weren't weird and creepy at all.ImgurThese adorable plushies you could clip to things.GeddesThe coolest transforming planes from Japan.LA WeeklyThe toys get even more nostalgic from here...Happy Meal toys of the whole McDonald's cast.FanpopFisher Price everything.Fisher PriceDinosaurs WITH WEAPONS ATTACHED TO THEM!ImgurThe best tree house ever.Museum of PlayThese awesome dancing flowers.TumblrThis creepy ET doll.AmblinAnd of course, Rub-a-Dub Doggie.Ghost of


10 Songs That We Used To Cure Our Angst In The Early 2000s

Puberty hits everybody like a ton of bricks, and nobody moreso than teenage girls. School is a social nightmare when you're trying to figure out who you are as a person, and you have all these FEELINGS!Chances are, whenever life was getting you down, you went home, turned on one of these 10 songs, and let the tears just flow.Avril Lavigne - "Complicated"Seriously, why DID you have to go and make things so complicated? Avril's ode to teenage love and awkwardness was pretty emblematic of everyone's first relationships.My Chemical Romance - "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)


10 Stores From The '90s That Will Make You Miss Hanging Out At The Mall

Every kid loves hanging out at the mall. It's the perfect excuse to see your friends, snack on some greasy food, and best of all, run amok in stores that were awesome to just browse.These 10 stores haven't been around for some time, but even just seeing their entrances is enough to take us back to the 90s.The Sharper ImageImgurSure it still exists online, but browsing pinball machines I'll never buy in a million years just doesn't feel as interesting when it's not in person.Sam GoodyBy Punkrawker4783 [Public domain], from Wikimedia CommonsWhen you needed the best new


9 Actors From The '80s Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine

While our favorite actors from the 80s don't always keep their careers going, there's the happy few that not only manage to stay relevant, but also look great doing it. Here's just a few people that we loved then, and still love now.Jennifer BealsThe Flashdance star didn't have much of a career in Hollywood, but did go on to plenty of success on TV, starring in shows like The L Word and Taken.John StamosThe General Hospital and Full House star was a complete heartthrob in the 80s, and has continued acting in TV shows well into the present


She Was A '90s Bombshell, Over 20 Years Later Lori Petty Is Almost Unrecognizable

If you were a fan of movies during the 90s, chances are you were very familiar with Lori Petty's work.FOXThe actress got her start in the late 80s on TV shows like The Thorns and Booker, but it was with A League of Their Own that she really started to pickup steam in Hollywood.ColumbiaShe was gorgeous, likable, funny, and just straight-up talented. After A League of Their Own she went on to wow us in big family hits like Free Willy, as well as more mature fare like The Glass Shield and In The Army Now. Warner Bros.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is an actress that is almost instantly recognizable thanks to her stunning features and distinctive voice. We've all loved her in movies like Liar Liar and Monsters, Inc. but we're willing to bet you probably didn't know these 10 things about her!She appeared on both Cheers and Frasier as one of Frasier Crane's dates.NBCShe's an avid poker player and has won several tournaments.WWRHer favorite role she's played is Violet in Bound.De LaurentiisShe and Gina Gershon would prep for the more explicit scenes in that film by drinking tequila.De LaurentiisShe's was a huge fan

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10 Actors Who Were Scarred For Life By Their Biggest Roles

Acting is a pretty hard job. Some actors put themselves under really intense conditions to get the performances they want out of themselves, and in the case of these 10, they went a little too far.Martin Sheen was under so much stress while filming Apocalypse Now that he actually had a heart attackStanley Kubrick genuinely isolated and tormented Shelley Duvall to get the performance out of her that he wanted for The ShiningJanet Leigh was so terrified of showers after filming her murder scene in Psycho that she opted for baths instead for quite some timeSpeaking of Alfred Hitchcock