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The Most Popular Toys Of The 90s That We All Just Had To Have

The 90s were a truly interesting time. We were experiencing technological changes like we had never seen before, our our music was taking a new turn, and we all looked like hyper-color blobs of spandex.

One thing that was definitely changing a lot was our toys. Each year one toy would take over and kids would be begging their parents for it every day. Every year one or two new toys that would take over as the most popular, leaving us kids asking for more and more.

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you wanted at least half of these things.

1990 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Anything and everything related to the Ninja Turtles was HUGE in 1990. There were hundreds of options to choose between so everyone could find something they wanted.

1991 - Nintendo Game Boy

The idea of bringing your video games on the go with you was unheard of, so obviously the second this came out we all had to have one.

1992 - Super Soakers

These were such a hit! Everyone NEEDED one, or at least that's what we told our parents.

1993 - Talkboy

Kevin McCallister had one, so we needed one too. How else would we protect ourselves if we got lost on a family vacation?

1994 - Power Rangers Action Figures

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were the absolute coolest thing around. We all had our favorite ranger and would play as them at recess time.

1995 - POGS

With nearly endless design options, there was a way for everyone to collect the POGS they wanted!

Some of the most memorable toys came out in the late 90s, click to the next page to see which toys came out on top!

1996 - Tickle Me Elmo & Buzz Lightyear

The craze that came with these Elmos was actually insane. People were lining up for them, searching them out at countless stores and getting really upset if they couldn't get them for their kids.

Just like he did in the movie, Buzz Lightyear swooped onto every kids wishlist and took over as their favorite toy the second they had their own.

1997 - Tamagotchi

We all love electronic games, and this Tamagotchi craze lasted quite a while. Not to mention the fact that every once and a while they pop back up and get popular again!

1998 - Furbies & Beanie Babies

It had some of the aspects of a Tamagatchi, but with a much more tangible package. They wanted you to think they were cute, but I cannot really claim that they successfully accomplished that. You could teach it to talk and it would make all kinds of demands, all with a creepy little voice.

The beanie baby craze completely took over a lot of our lives. We all thought we could collect a whole bunch of them and sell them off when we were older but unfortunately it did not turn out great.

1999 - Pokemon Cards & Games

There was such hype surrounding the Pokemon cards and the games. It was pretty insane how obsessive people got about them.

Which of these did you want when you were a kid? Share in the comments!