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7 Things 90s Girls Will Remember Using To Try To Look Extra Glamorous

We've all wanted to look nice before, but when you are a kid it's pretty tricky. You have very little control of what ends up in your closet, but when you could you most definitely made sure you had these things.

Stick-on Earrings

Trying to look grown up with these super elegant stickers attached to your ear was one of the most popular things to do. The problem was they almost always ended up coming off and getting stuck in your hair.

Ponytails with beads or pom-poms

If you have never had one of these snap in your hair and hit you in the head, you are truly blessed. It was the worst pain ever! But you know what they say, beauty is pain.

Crimper machine

The most stylish type of hair was the crazy bumpy look. It always looked kind of like you had been electrocuted, but you know what, it was fun!

Plastic jewelry with personalized messages on it

These were great because you could spell out what ever you wanted! You could also make best friends bracelets for your friends and make sure you all wore them everyday.

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Hair barrettes with flowers, animals or butterflies on them

After your hair was significantly fried from the crimper it was time to pin it back. The best way to do that was apparently these tiny plastic barrettes that held approximately eight and a half stands of hair.

The biggest party dresses imaginable


We all had these excessive party dresses from Christmas, weddings or Easter and we didn't understand that you weren't really supposed to wear them everyday. I mean, they were so fancy, why let them waste away in the closet?!

Patent leather shoes with snap straps

We liked to look like we were constantly about to tap dance I guess. It was important and apparently a requirement to have the shiniest shoes imaginable. They were never very comfortable, but at least we looked good!

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When we grew up it didn't really get much better. Who remembers the terrible beauty trends of the early 2000s? Thought you could block it out, didn't you?