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Target Has Launched A Bunch Of Board Games That'll Help You Re-Live Your Childhood

Playing board games used to be what every kid thought of as fun. Now, most kids would rather play with a cellphone or computer.

However, there is still a good portion of the population who are happy to sit down with a good ol' fashioned board game, but, a lot of us are older now. We do happen to be a little bit stuck in our ways, but we can't help but be nostalgic for our childhood, because simply put, everything from our childhood was better.

We had the best TV shows, the best music, and the best movies, so why not revel in it a little bit?

Luckily, Target has decided that our 70s, 80s, and 90s nostalgia is something worth celebrating, and they've managed bring it to life in the best way imaginable. They've just launched a brand new set of board games, all based on things we couldn't get enough of growing up.

They've taken some of your favorite classic throwback shows including The Brady Bunch, MacGyver, and The Golden Girls and turned them into a board game.

They've also got other throwback-style games that make us think they are reading our minds.

Now, they aren't paying us to talk about these games, but I mean, if they wanted to I would accept because they all look fun and I want to play them right this second. Look at them!

The Brady Bunch Party Game

Game Description:

The Brady kids are at it again, and Alice is on the hunt for a Troublemaker! Will the siblings stick together or will they help Alice solve this family mystery?

One player takes on the role of Alice, and the other players are the Brady kids. Everyone gets in on the mischief making as they try to fool Alice or snitch on their sibling. You'll be humming along to The Brady Bunch theme as you snoop and scheme with your favorite TV family.

MacGyver: The Escape Room Game

Game Description:

"MacGyver: The Escape Room Game" is a multi-scenario escape room in a box. Players need to use the tools they're given to solve the puzzles and diffuse the bombs - all leading up to a final scenario that will require everything they've learned to stop Murdoc's plans!"

The Golden Girls Any Way You Slice It Game

Game Description:

"The queens of '80s and '90s TV are back with a game that tests your knowledge of the classic show. There are four card categories-"Trivia,""Dating,""Memes," and "Who Wore It?"-that get shuffled before gameplay begins.

Players roll the die to determine which category to play. Correct answers score you a piece of "cheesecake"-the first player to get eight pieces on their plate is declared the winner."

Superfight Game: The 90s Deck

**Technicaly, it's an add-on to a different game, but they created a whole 90s deck with the most iconic packaging.

Game Description:

WHASSUP! A 100-card Superfight expansion full of dope 90's cards? And it comes with locations and scenarios too? Off the hook! All that and a bag of okay yeah you get it.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Board Game

If your mom says you can't play Mario Kart because you aren't allowed to look at screens anymore, don't worry, they've got you covered.

Game Description:

"This sequel to the Monopoly Gamer board game joins forces with Nintendo Mario Kart characters and elements. Move around the gameboard as Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, or Toad; buy iconic Mario Kart properties such as Bowser's Castle, and Rainbow Road.

Pass Go to trigger a race from Mario Kart Cup, dodge banana peel tokens, toss shells, and collect Coins. A Super Star space activates special abilities and rolling the Power-Up Die adds a special boost. Winning in this game is all about winning races! Who will end up with the coveted Grand Prix card? When the final race is over, the player with the highest score wins."

These next two aren't new, but you should know they are still around so you can pick them up when you head in to grab the other games!

The Oregon Trail Game

Game Description:

"It's 1844: You and your family have joined a wagon train in Independence, MO that is about to head to Willamette Valley to find your fortune in the West!

Players will place tiles to discover the trails, rivers, forts, and towns ahead of them that they will move through to this new land.

This scenic journey would almost be perfect... if it wasn't for the disease, drowning, rattlesnakes and other hazards that will plague you along the way.

You'll need to hunt for food to avoid starvation and with limited wagon space, you may need to choose between supplies and family members to keep moving along the trail. Until, eventually, you find yourself safe, in Willamette Valley."


Game Description:

"Stalking lions, charging rhinos, snapping crocodiles, and other dangerous creatures-in the wild world of Jumanji, they're only a die roll away!

Grab your pawn, roll the eight-sided number die and move through the jungle. Draw a danger card, then use your decoder to discover the secret message and see if disaster strikes. Your fellow players must race against time to rescue you.

The jungle threatens and begins to fill up the Doomsday Grid. If the grid fills up, the jungle will overpower you and your fellow players-everyone loses. If you are the first to reach the center before the Doomsday Grid fills up, yell "Jumanji!" and win!"

Which of these games do you want to try?

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