Seatbelts, Everyone! There's A Magic School Bus Reboot Happening

2017 is already infinitely better than 2016. Y'know why?BECAUSE THERE IS A MAGIC SCHOOL BUS REBOOT HAPPENING!The Magic School Bus was one of the highest rated children's shows to ever air on PBS. And now, we get to experience it all over again.Of course, as times change, so will the show. Instead of the standard cartoon animation the show will be computer generated with a top-of-the-line school bus fitted with a ton of cool gadgets so that kids today will relate to it more. Miss Frizzle's hair will still be red and wild which frankly is all


Get Excited: A New Roald Dahl Clothing Line Is Here

Roald Dahl books are such a classic part of every kids' childhood. They were full of whimsy, love, and imagination. They provided an incredible escape into a fantasy land during a time where we didn't have technology to distract us. In a genius act of invention, Boden clothing brand has partnered with Dahl's literary estate to create a clothing line inspired by his iconic books. Unfortunately for us, the clothing is currently only in children's sizing. But if you have little ones yourself, or your friends have some cute kids to spoil, then you can take it to a whole


80s Babies Will Instantly Remember All Of These Things

Ah, the 80s. A time of neon colors and arguably the best music era ever. Unfortunately, because of technology, not many things from the 80s have made their way to 2016. Though these things may be a distant memory by now, every 80s baby will be able to relate. Enjoy this blast from the past!1. Buying 'The Baby Sitters Club' books for $5. 2. Trapper Keepers3. Saving your homework on floppy discs4. Speak and Spells being the original spell check5. Listening to your favorite cassette tape on your Walkman6. The extreme stress of printing on Dot matrix printer paper


#RoastThe90s Will Have Every 90s Kid Saying "True, True"

The 90s are something beloved by almost everyone who lived through them. And what do you do when you love something so much?You roast it to a crisp. Recently people took to Twitter using the hashtag "#RoastThe90s" to put our beloved decade under fire for some of the outrageous things we had to deal with. Here's some of our favorites. #RoastThe90sI want to use the internet, but my dad is on the phone— Ross Moorhouse (@RossMoorhouse) September 18, 2016 If you want to know the definition of irony, don't call Alanis Morissette. #RoastThe90s— Theresa (@tlcprincess)


9 Magical Facts About 'The NeverEnding Story' That Will Make You Want To Watch It Again

The NeverEnding Story is undoubtedly one of the most beloved children's films of the '80s. The 1984 adaptation of Michael Ende's book quickly became a cult classic, and was one of several darker fantasy films for kids released around the same time, along with Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Many of us also remember it for the Swamp of Sadness scene (RIP Artax), which left us forever traumatized and basically ruined our childhoods. It's time to go back to Fantasia with some fantastical facts that you probably didn't know.The book's author HATED the movie GiphySaying that Michael Ende, the