The Best 90s Drinks We All Hoped To Find In Our Lunch

Remember the days when your mom or dad would pack your lunch? Now most of us are packing our kid's lunches and I couldn't help but notice, the contents are far less fun than they used to be.

Sure, now they have Kool-Aid Jammers, and Minute Maid juice boxes, but they're also missing out on some key drinks that got us excited to open our lunchbox in the cafeteria.

While we all remember flipping through the latest issue of Tiger Beat as we watched MTV in our bedrooms, many of us have forgotten about some of the best drinks of the 90s.

12. Mello Yello

Coca-Cola's answer to Mountain Dew, this citrus soda had us wanting more and bouncing off the walls during our childhood.

11. Jolt Cola

The name says it all in this one. This was an energy drink that gave you the motivation to make it through those sleepless nights when your project was due the next day. While this may be gone, it has since been replaced by energy drinks. I think I prefer Jolt over Redbull, though.

10. Crystal Pepsi

Having only lasted a year on the shelf, this drink still managed to stand out in my mind as a staple of the 90s. The concept of clear soda not only looks futuristic, but had the same great taste we all loved.

9. Capri Sun

This was a lunchbox essential in the 90s. It was literally only three gulps before it was gone, but in those moments, the drink was divine. While we remember it fondly in our childhood, they are still available today. They've actually been around for 46 years, so hopefully they have no plans of leaving us yet.

8. Nestle Quik

Do you have a craving for chocolate? I think I ingested more of this stuff than I would ever be willing to admit to my adult-self. We all remember the struggle of stirring it just right so all the powder wouldn't settle to the bottom of the glass. Now that they have the syrup and its call Nesquik, it just seems like today's youth are cheating themselves out of a valuable life skill.

7. Orbitz

If you lived close enough to the border, you may have come across this beautiful drink that looks like a 70s table lamp. Orbitz had little orbs floating inside the drink which made it fun to drink and watch. Maybe this contributed to my love for Bubble Tea later in life?

6. Hi-C Ecto-Coolers

Launching in tandem with the show The Real Ghostbusters this drink was so delicious that it outlived the show. It has no since been left behind in the 90s, but we all have fond memories of this drink.

5. SqueezIt

This was both a drink and a workout. Exercising those hand muscles to get every drop out of this delicious drink was a must-do of the 90s. Unfortunately General Mills discontinued this drink in 2001 and has no plans to bring them back.

4. Kool-Aid Bursts

This funky bottle was a staple of the decade and one we definitely wanted to see when we opened up our bag at lunch. The squeeze bottle fad of the 90s made drinks so much more fun.

3. Yoohoo

While Nesquik gave us our chocolate fix after school, opening up to see one of these bottles in our lunches was like a prayer being answered.

2. Juicy Juice

Do you remember your mom handing you one of these at the playground? They were perfect for small hands and came in some delicious fruit flavors, and it seemed like our parents liked them because they were a 'healthier' alternative.

1. Snapple

So this one just brought back a wave of nostalgia. Snapple had drinks they called "Elements" and they came in Earth, Rain, Sun and Fire. I remember drinking so many of the Fire and Sun ones, probably because I was a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun on the Zodiac. There's even a Reddit thread of people wanting Snapple to bring these back.

What was your favorite drink of the 90s?

Source: Bustle / Complex