20 Things We Loved From The 90s That You Can Still Buy Today

From movie remakes and television show reboots to JNCO jeans and chokers, there's no denying that there's a 90s resurgence. Since we can't seem to let go of our formative years, perhaps rediscovering some of our favorite trends will help. Here are 20 items from the 90s that you can still buy today:1. Mood Ring - Fun Jewels, $11Fun JewelsBuy it here. 2. Gel Pens - LolliZ, $9AmazonBuy it here.3. Lock and Key Journal - Rockymart, $8AmazonBuy it here.4. Lisa Frank Stickers - Lisa Frank, $4AmazonBuy it here. 5. JNCO Jeans - JNCO, $75JNCO JeansBuy it here.

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35 Pictures From Your Childhood That Will Make 90s Kids Say "Whoa, I Remember That"

Don't expect any kernels of wisdom or glowing insights into the past here, we just wanted to bring you this list of seriously nostalgic pictures. Each one is like a miniature blast from the past if you grew up in the '90s. Check it out:1.PBS2.Young Fashioned 3.Harper Collins4. Nickelodeon5. Scholastic6.Nickelodeon7. Nickelodeon8. Cartoon Network9.Imgur10. Wikimedia11. True Startis12. Scholastic13. Imgur14. @Hannah_Lynn212 / Twitter15. Santa22 / YouTubeKeep reading for even more pictures that will transport you back in time...16. Acid Cow17. Lastcallcleaveland / YouTube18.Pikabeara / Imgur19. @Shad0wingD / Twitter20. Electronic Literature21. Nickelodeon22. Wikia23.Imgur24. Fearless Gamer25.Nickelodeon26. NeoGaf27.Buena


21 Pictures That Will Bring Back Painful Memories Of The Early 2000s

Our nostalgia can sometimes cut both ways. There are lots of things that make us yearn for the "good old days," but just as many that deserve to stay buried, forever, seriously. Here are 21 memories that we've tried to repress from the early 2000s:1. Wasting our money on these gooey aliensKerry's HabitatWhy did we want these in the first place?2. Watching endless reruns of 'The Simple Life'The BerryThe BerryThe Berry3. Coming home from school and putting a Heinz Baked Beans Pizza in the oven...Metro4. Then logging into MSN MessengerThe VergeOr AOL Instant Messenger (RIP)


21 Photos That Will Have You Saying "Oh My God," Right Before You Drown In Nostalgia

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and often all it takes is a single photo to bring back a tidal wave of memories. But sometimes, that photo can also bring back the sounds, smells, and feelings that come from those memories. Here's a bunch of pictures that will take you right back to your childhoodThe click of these on the gym floorSo satisfying, for some reasonAmazonThe fizzy taste of Clearly CanadianStill haven't found anything like itClearly CanadianThe struggle of picking the right movie to rentTrying to find a movie everyone agreed on was basically impossibleRoger EbertThe


These Polly Pocket Clothes Are Exactly What Every 90s Girl Needs

We all loved that Polly Pocket purse with all our hearts and wanted to know how else we could incorporate one of our favorite vintage toys into our wardrobe. Luckily, the same company who made that epic bag decided to make a bunch awesome shirts to go with it! So now that you have your awesome and unique bag:Truffle ShuffleYou can go all out with some tank tops:Truffle ShuffleTruffle ShuffleOr T-Shirts:Truffle ShuffleTruffle ShuffleClick to the next page to see even more of the collection! You are also going to need some awesome sweaters to keep warm this


14 Times Golden Girls Was Too Savage For Its Own Good

If you didn't grow up watching Golden Girls, did you really have a childhood?We have all been thanked for being a friend, for travelling down the road and back again. But really, is it not US who should be thanking THEM for years of entertainment?Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia gave us laughs time and time again, but they also delivered some cold-blooded savageness that we didn't always catch as kids. Here are some of the best Golden Girls moments you may have forgotten. 1. https://welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com/post/146993520620 2. Sherlock Isn't Gay3. TV House


15 Of The Most Nostalgic Smells That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

Your sense of smell tends to spark some of the strongest memories in your entire brain. It's almost as if smelling certain things will make you time travel, if only for a second, to whatever moment in time you first experienced it. There are some smells we all recognize and can probably remember the exact smell without having to have the actual thing in front of us. Here are some of the most memorable smells that will spark all the nostalgic feelings .1. Fresh box of crayons2. Scented markers 3. The smell of a Cabbage Patch Doll4. The dusty chalk


You Can Now Play The Original Tomb Raider In Your Browser

Are you feeling bored? Wishing you could travel back to your carefree childhood and just play your beloved video games all day? We can't help you with the carefree thing, but you can get a simple taste of 1996, and all you need is an open browser. Us right now.GiphyThanks to Timur Gagiev's OpenLara project, a demo level of the original 1996 Tomb Raider is available to play online, pointy boobs and all. OpenLara was inspired by the OpenTomb project, which is a crowd-sourced attempt at a cross-platform reimplentation of the now-defunct Core Design's engines which powered the first


26 Pictures Everyone From The 90s Will Remember

A picture is worth 1000 words. A picture from the 90s is worth 1000 words and an onslaught of nostalgia. From school habits, to snack foods, to fashion sense, the 90s had some extremely unique aspects to it. Scroll through all these pictures and be ready for an immediate wave of 90s flashbacks. Some good, some bad, some really, REALLY ugly. 1. Writing down every single cheat code you could find on the same piece of paper. And then having a meltdown when you lost said piece of paper. 2. Pretended to use your skin off using white glue. 3.