15 'Bromances' That We Couldn't Get Enough Of In The 90s

Strong friendships have been a staple on television shows since the beginning. Basically every show has the designated best friend to the main character, but every once a while there is a connection so special and wonderful that it stands out. ABCThe term "bromance" is a little more recent, but that doesn't mean the concept hasn't existed for a long, long time. There were a lot of iconic bromances when we were growing up that we all still remember to this day. Which pair was your favorite? Joey and ChandlerNBCWill and CarltonNBCCory and ShawnABCTito and CarverABCJesse, Joey and DannyABCKenan and


Celebrities Duos Who Have Been "BFFs" Since They Were Kids

Fame may change who you choose to befriend, but these famous celebrities on our list show that a strong bond ignites from early on.1. Prince William & Eddie RedmayneAlthough these two don't stay in touch as much as they'd like to, they'd shared many teenage memories. They both attended the same school and were on the same rugby team. Daily Express2. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Arguably, there's no female friendship stronger than these two in Hollywood. The queens of comedy met at a theater in their struggling 20s, both hoping to pursue writing and comedy. When Tina moved to NYC


'Back To The Future' Creator Finally Reveals How Marty and Doc Brown Became Friends

I don't know about you, but when I watch Back To The Future it's not the time travel I have issues with. My confusion comes from the fact that a teenager is best friends with a very old man. I mean, we maybe didn't think it was strange the first time we watched it, but as time goes on and you see the movie more and more, you start to wonder how they met. They never really address it in the movies, even though they had three separate chances to even give us a simple sentence like "we met at