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10 Celebrities Who've Been Friends For What Feels Like Forever

Fame may change who you choose to befriend, but these famous celebrities on our list show that a strong bond ignites from early on.

Prince William & Eddie Redmayne

Although these two don't stay in touch as much as they'd like to, they'd shared many teenage memories. They both attended the same school and were on the same rugby team.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Arguably, there's no female friendship stronger than these two in Hollywood. The queens of comedy met at a theater in their struggling 20s, both hoping to pursue writing and comedy. When Tina moved to NYC to write for SNL, she convinced Amy to join with her a few years later.

Nicolas Cage & Sean Penn

They met in 1984 on the set of Racing with the Moon. Although they haven't had the smoothest friendship, for example the time when Penn told Cage he was "not an actor," they've been able to work things out over this decades-long friendship.

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling

Both of these actors starred on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club in the early '90s. There was a time Gosling lived with Timberlake's family because his mother had to go back to Canada. Although they're not as close as they used to be, they shared a hug at the 2017 Oscars.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

These two are known to be Hollywood's closest friends. They both attended the same high school in Massachusetts. Ben and Damon also worked on a screenplay for a college course, known as Good Will Hunting, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie

You know how it is with "it girls," one day they are friends and next day they barely know each other, but these two socialites go way back, all the way back to when they were babies.

Brooke Shields and Matt Dillon

Contrary to popular opinion, these two were not lovebirds. They were best friends in the 80s.

John Krasinski & B.J. Novak

We loved these two hilarious actors in the sitcom The Office. What most people don't know is that they played on the same Little League team. Krasinski said B.J. was known as the 'Home Run King'.

Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin

They both played in the 1993 thriller The Good Son. Although Macaulay went through a tumultuous time in the early 2000s, Elijah remained a good friend.

Leonardo Di Caprio & Tobey Maguire

These two young aspiring child actors met at an audition accompanied by their single mothers in LA, and their friendship has not waned over the years, Maguire and Di Caprio still find time to hang out and play basketball.

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