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9 Of The Stupidest Decisions Ever Made In Horror Movies


Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned horror movie? Whether or not someone will admit it, everyone loves to be scared every once in a while. That being said, some movies are far scarier than others, and some are even downright cheesy and stupid.

But the worst thing about your basic horror movie is when a character makes such a stupid decision, a decision that you know is not going to end up going well, when all they had to do was avoid the situation all together...

It happens in virtually every scary movie, but there are some offenders who are just plain old dumb. Here are 9 of the stupidest decisions ever made in a horror movie.

1. Hiding in the closet. - The Skeleton Key

We couldn't find the exact clip, but if you remember the movie, it actually was a pretty creepy movie with a decent story. At one point Kate Hudson's character decides that she is going to hide in the closet as if no one is going to look there for her.

2. Why did you watch the tape? - The Ring

You all know the scene. The young boy hears his parents arguing about the video tape that can kill people (which for some reason they left within his grasp), and instead of being a good kid, he seemingly decides it's a good idea to watch it anyways.

3. Checking the pipe. - Jeepers Creepers

I loved this movie. Sure it was cheesy and it didn't make sense at certain points, but the major question I want answered is: why in God's name did they have to check what was down that pipe? They could have just kept driving and all would have been well in their lives.

4. Trying to use the doggy door. - Scream

It takes a special kind of person to attempt to escape from a maniacal serial killer by trying to squeeze through the doggy door. Now that I think about it, who has a doggy door in their garage door?

5. Going back for the cat. - Alien

I know some people are completely irrational when it comes to their pets, but going back for a random cat while you are trying to escape from a deadly alien tying to kill you... stupid is one word that comes to mind.

You would think common sense would eventually come into play...

6. Why did you stop and look? - I Know What You Did Last Summer

It ain't over until it's over. This scene repeats itself in a lot of slasher flicks: if you just keep running until you're no longer isolated you will have a better chance at survival. Sarah Michelle Gellar's character just needed to keep running, instead she turned around to check. Last move she ever made.

7. Seeing what's under the mask. - Halloween Resurrection

Michael Myers seems to be immortal, but that isn't the case. Every time any of the good guys have him on the ropes, they always hesitate striking the final blow. This time around, Laurie Strode had a chance to get away, instead she wanted to see what was under the mask. Stop being stupid.

8. Why did you buy the murder house? - Amityville Horror  

In the remake of the classic horror movie, they still decided to buy the house even after learning about its dark history. I know, not everyone is going to feel that way, but why bother having to go through the issue of explaining it to your kids? Obviously this whole scenario could have been avoided.  

9. Let's split up! - Every horror movie ever made.

This is such a cliche staple of every horror movie, that even Scary Movie spoofed it, making it quite apparent that everyone already knows what they are talking about.

What is your favorite horror movie? Let us know in the comments.