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13 Songs By Pro Wrestlers That Prove They Should Stick To Their Day Jobs

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Despite what the Hulkster told us when we were growing up, the wrestling business is only about one thing: making money.

To that end, a lot of our favorite wrestlers have branched out to try their hand at music, and as you'll see they probably should have stuck to what they know best.

1. Hulk Hogan - Hulkster in Heaven

Ringside Intel

With the Wrestling Boot Band backing him up, Hulk's solo album Hulk Rules is a challenge for even the toughest Hulkamaniacs to get through, but this song takes the cake. The enormous blonde hulk channels his soft side, but can't help ending every line like it's a question.

"I wish Hulk's love...could bring you back again?"

2. Junkyard Dog - Grab Them Cakes


If there's one single on this list that has aged badly (and really, they all have) it's the Junkyard Dog's ode to booty grabbing. His idea of a "dance move" is the second most questionable thing about The Wrestling Album. Our biggest wonder: how did this become a certified gold record?!

3. Roddy Piper - I'm Your Man

Daily Mirror

Fans of John Carpenter's They Live know that "Hot Rod" has acting chops to match his wrestling skills. So could he be a triple threat? Sadly, no. The best you can say about this Monkees-soundalike pop tune is it's the most listenable song on this list, but that's damning it with faint praise.

4. 3 Count - Can't Get You Out Of My Heart

The wrestling world has never met a fad it won't capitalize on, and that included 90s boy bands like NSYNC. Future superstars including Shane Helms and Shannon Moore cut their teeth as part of this WCW gimmick, which proves that even boy bands had some talent.

5. Bret Hart - Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye

The Hitman probably felt he was channeling Patrick Swayze or Barry White with this sing-talking slow jam, but it comes off closer to William Shatner reading his love poetry over the end credit song from a Super Nintendo game.

6. Randy Savage - Be A Man

Bleacher Report

The title track from Savage's 2003 rap album proves he never really got over his feud with Hulk Hogan. We don't want to speak ill of the dead, but it's hard hearing the Macho Man brag about being a movie star because he was in Spider-Man for five minutes.

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