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Mel B. Claims A Spice Girls Reunion Tour Is Happening, No Matter What Victoria Says

It's been a wild few months for Spice Girls fans.

First, we totally freaked out because they got together and hinted at a reunion, we heard the rumors of all of Victoria Beckham's conditions, then our hopes were completely dashed when she said there were no plans to tour, but reignited when they said there were other Spice Girl projects in the works.

It's been months of torture for us, because we just want to know where we should set our standards. Are we getting some appearances on talk shows, or will they be doing full on concerts? We need to know so we can plan our level of enthusiasm!

One person in this crazy situation has our backs though, and it's Scary Spice herself, Mel B.

Mel B. recently went on Today and talked about the reunion possibilities, and cleared up and and all doubts that their fans might have.

While discussing the history of the Spice Girls with Hoda Kotb, she ended up saying that she never got sick of performing, not even back in the 90s.

"I still [enjoy performing]. I'm the only one that keeps saying 'We're going to be performing,' which we are going to be performing."

Don't worry, Hoda was just as concerned as you are, but Mel continued explaining.

"Finally, they've got it together!"

Hoda asked about that infamous Victoria Beckham interview where she claimed there was no performances on the schedule. Don't worry, Mel had something to say to that!

"She's always bloody saying that - stop it! We are touring." Mel said with a smile.

Immediately after saying that she seemed to question herself, saying "should I have really said that out loud?"

But then she once again confirmed it, "We are going to be doing performances together for sure."

She also talked about the origin or the Spice Girls, and how they all came together.

"There was one newspaper called The Stage that every audition in London was all about. So I went to one girl group audition, and then you see the same faces at the same auditions."

Hoda asked if she had asked the other girls if they just wanted to do it themselves? And Mel said they all agreed.

"We all know each other from scene, but we're all kind of friends, and we're all so different, we just blended. It's just like a jigsaw puzzle that just worked.

"We lived in a house together, completely broke, living off beans on toast."

As for where they'd perform, Mel said it was for "anybody that would listen."

"We hassled Simon Cowell in a car park,  we'd go to radio stations, and we'd just say 'we're gonna be famous, listen to our music!' We wrote everything ourselves, and we still do."

She even said that her iconic rap in 'Wannabe' was written while she was in the bathroom!

"The really annoying rap part, that I love, I wrote in the loo. [It] took me something like eight minutes to write it."

As for why she was writing music in the bathroom, she's got an answer for that too.

"Imagine being with five girls, we all have our own opinions. Every song we write we have a focus point topic, so this was all about supporting each other, and if you have a boyfriend that it's got to be approved by your friends.

"I was like, 'hold on a minute, I want the middle eight, so I want to go off to the toilet and write a quick rap.' So maybe I did a little tinkle while I was writing, and then I came up with that and I was like 'what do you girls think' and they were like 'we like that,' and so we stuck that in there."

They had a feeling about 'Wannabe'.

"We knew it was a good song because all good songs are annoyingly repetitive, and that was 'Wannabe'.  We knew we were onto something special. That was the one that we were like, 'it's so annoying and so catchy, it has to be the one right out of the gate."

I hope that this is the last of the back-and-forth when it comes to the reunion tour, because it's a dream to be able to see them in concert!

But apparently they've got a bunch of stuff in the works as well, so at least we'll have that to look forward to until we know more about the tour!

Source - Today