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The Spice Girls Reunion News Has Fans Losing Their Minds, And We Are Right There With Them

You guys, it's happening. The Spice Girls are reuniting and we are not okay. It's been too long since our favorite ladies got together at the Olympics, specifically six years too long. The Spice Girls gave an epic performance, but they decided that they weren't going to do a full reunion, until now.

The 20th anniversary of "Wannabe" just passed by, and it left us all wondering if our British pop goddesses would once again smile down upon us. We waited for what felt like a thousand years, but then on February 2nd, it was revealed that they had signed on to finally do a reunion.

Cut to millions of fans completely losing their minds. The first thing I said when I heard the news was that I would sell literally anything I could to make sure I could go. When they were popular in the 90s, I was too young to go to concerts, and I don't think they even made it to my town, but now I can actually have a chance.

A week after their meeting with their manager Simon Fuller, TMZ revealed that they plan on starting a tour in the United Kingdom at the end of the summer before coming over to the United States.

While Victoria, aka Posh Spice, has been hesitant over the reunion in the past, she is apparently "fully on board" now and the whole group has been planning the details of the reunion. While the planning is still in the early stages, people are reacting exactly as you'd expect them to, with comments that you know you will agree with...

Spice Girls fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement, and honestly it's completely reasonable. It's impossible to expect us to keep in our absolute joy when something so wonderful is going on.

Here's what the fans have to say...

First of all, we are just so excited


Our dreams are being fulfilled

We're all willing to do whatever it takes...and we mean whatever it takes.


We know tickets will be hard to come by


And we have some strong feelings about how we plan on handling our chances


Literally all the exclamation marks possible is the only way to express our excitement


We have some thoughts on the marketing


We don't even care if Victoria sings, as long as she is there


We've been waiting for this for a very long time


But we aren't afraid to poke fun at our favorite singers


How excited are you for the reunion? Personally, it's the only thing on my mind these days. I cannot wait to see what they do!