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Seeing The Real-Live Muses Will Change How You Feel About Hercules

Watching a Disney movie is a really magical experience. The amount of care that seems to be put into them really comes across on screen and every moment is perfect. The movie Hercules is one of the most under appreciated Disney movies out there and has some of the best songs by far.

If you haven't seen Hercules, you really need to get caught up because it came out twenty years ago (seriously, how was this that long ago). The movie is about the Grecian God Hercules who had been sent down to Earth and turn almost completely mortal. But the most important characters are actually the Muses who narrate the story.

Why are they the most important? Well, because they are amazing and perfect and wonderful in every way. They sing these amazing songs that give the exposition needed to move the story along, they give backstory when necessary and they also chime in when Hercules' love interest needs a little push.

Now obviously you understand that the muses are everything, but who are the women behind those incredible voices? Well, to get a truly amazing sound, Disney called in some truly outstanding singers and they filmed the recording process so you can see them in action.

It's absolutely incredible watching these talented women do their thing and it will give you a whole new level of appreciation for what they do. You've really got to see it. Also in the video you get to see the one and only Danny Devito (who plays Phil) figure out how his part was going to work, as well as Susan Egan record her love song.

Disney musical are absolutely wonderful and seeing behind the curtain just makes everything seem more impressive. You really have to watch this video, it will completely blow you away!

After seeing it, I just love this movie more than ever. These women are all so talented, and everything about this movie makes me so very happy!