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The Best Chipmunks Movie Out There Raises More Than A Few Big Questions

We all know Alvin and the Chipmunks right? Of course they have had their big CGI reboot, but for us 80s and 90s kids we know that the BEST Alvin and the Chipmunks movie was made a long time ago, thirty years to be exact. The most perfect Chipmunks movie by far was The Chipmunk Adventure made back in 1987.

While it was obviously perfect, I do have some questions about it. I mean, it's a movie about chipmunks, and I understand it's for kids, but I still have some concerns. Let me explain the plot of this movie and maybe you will understand.

So the movie starts with Dave, the adult male with three chipmunk children, going on a business trip to Europe. He has to leave Alvin, Simon and Theodore home with the babysitter who the boys aren't happy with. Problem #1: Have they explained why Dave has three chipmunk children? I assume they have, but I cannot recall.

After Dave leaves, the boys go to play an arcade game called "Around the World in Thirty Days" with their friends and fellow chipmunks, The Chipettes. Brittany, Jeanette and Elenor argue with Alvin and the boys about who would be able to win an actual race around the world when a diamond smuggler overhears them. Problem #2: Why is there a diamond smuggler in an arcade?

The diamond smugglers offer them a trip around the world in hot air balloons where they would switch out dolls that were made to look like them. It's boys versus girls so each has to try to beat the other team. Problem #3: Where is their babysitter? These "children" should not be able to accept trips from spooky strangers. Problem #4: How did they make all those dolls that looked just like them so fast? That seems like a lot of work. Problem #5: How do two groups of young chipmunks know how to fly hot air balloons?

Okay, so now that they are out on their own, The Chipettes almost die in a storm, the Chimpmunks are almost eaten by crocodiles, all the while Interpol agents are following them closely. At one point, they meet up in Athens and Alvin and Brittany argue about who can "out rock and roll" the other, so they sing this song:

Great song, but it does present Problem #6: When Dave notices these kids that look just like his, he follows them. But when he gets knocked over by two mysterious men he just moves along. Shouldn't he ask one of those guys the simple question of "Hey, did you just happen to see six chipmunks in clothing singing about how good they are at rock and roll?"

There is one part that raises some flags for sure. The girls are captured by an Arabian prince who tries to force Brittany to marry him, and they use a strangely suggestive song to get away from some snakes. Problem #7: Do I need to explain what is wrong with this one?

The boys get tied to a stake by a chief who seems a little absent-minded as he keeps lighting himself on fire. They sing "Wooly Bully" to try to get out of it but it doesn't work. Problem #8: How is this guy in charge? He is pretty much constantly causing trouble.

Luckily the Chipettes rescue them after they find out about the secret diamond scheme. Problem #9: How did none of them feel the diamonds in those dolls until this point? They look like they are very full, but don't you think they would notice that they are a little heavy and sharp?

They end up at the Los Angeles airport (Problem #10: Not sure about this one, but are you supposed to land balloons are the airport?) where they get chased by the diamond smugglers. They get caught but the Interpol inspectors are there to chase them down, accompanied by their "dad" Dave. The bad guys are run off the road by Miss Miller, the babysitter, who was driving on the wrong side of the road while on her way to pick up Dave. Problem #11: You trusted your kids to this woman and she doesn't even know which side of the road she should be driving on?

Alvin and Brittany are still arguing over who won the race, but Dave says he has to take them home. It ends in the way pretty much all Chipmunks products end, with Dave yelling louder and louder at Alvin. Problem #12: Do you think Alvin is ever affected by all the yelling? He doesn't seem to mind but he does get yelled at A LOT.

Of course this movie is absolutely wonderful and I remember watching it countless times as a kid. It's just that watching things back as an adult or even just reading a plot synopsis raises a lot of questions that you never noticed when you were younger.

Have you ever seen The Chipmunk Adventure? If you haven't I recommend you go watch it now because it is pretty goofy. I mean, the whole thing is on YouTube, so why not?

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