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'Saved By The Bell' Is Coming Back, But Not In The Way You Think

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If you were a child of the early 90s, then I'd be willing to bet my entire life savings that you spent your weekday afternoons checking in on the gang from Bay Sides High School. Saved By The Bell was a huge deal despite only running for 4 seasons, and it's remained a favorite of every 90s kid right until the present day.


The show focused on the misadventures of a group of six friends and their high school principal, which pretty much meant that there was a character for everyone to latch onto. There was the charming and rebellious Zack, the popular Kelly, the intelligent but dense Screech, the jock Slater, the outspoken Jessie, and rich and fashionable Lisa. Of course, there was also their stern but fair principal Mr. Belding, who often clashed with Zack but also respected him.


The show had a lot of the usual teen comedy staples, but at the same time, there were times where it tried to address some pretty real issues. Who can forget when Jessie got addicted to caffeine pills?

Or when Kelly couldn't get her prom dress because her dad went broke?


The show was ultimately every 90s kid's dream sitcom, and we were all sad to see it go. Good thing then that it's coming back! There's a catch though; it's not coming back as a show, or a movie, but as an off-Broadway musical!

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