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12 Things You'll Only Remember If You Owned A Tamagotchi

Before franchises like Pokémon and Digimon arrived on North American shores to solidify Japan's takeover of the adorable collectible creatures fad that they started with Hello Kitty, Tamagotchis were THE hottest digital monster toy of the 90s.

The little egg-shaped toys let you raise tiny digital creatures, and it was such a cool and innovative idea at the time that everybody desperately wanted one. If you were lucky enough to get one, chances are these 12 memories will hit you right in the nostalgia.

1) The sheer wonder and amazement you felt when you saw one for the first time.


2) You never knew about Bandai until you heard their name over and over in the commercials.

3) Taking one out of the package for the first time and going "...Okay, now what?" (You had to pull out the paper tab).

Purple Toy Shop

4) How crazy it was the first time you saw an egg hatch into a tiny little blob.


5) The disappointment you felt when that tiny little blob did less than your pet goldfish.

It sure did poop a lot though.Giphy

The memories keep coming from here...

6) Oh, wait, you had to DO things with it. Goooooooooootcha.

Time Magazine

7) How much fun you had feeding and cleaning it... until the little prick fell asleep during your fun.


8) The annoyance you felt when your school district banned them. This was your CHILD! So what if it always beeped for food?

9) All the ridiculously cool ways the thing could evolve.


10) ...Except for that fact that it always friggin DIED on you before it could get there.

Fun fact: The grave has a Christian cross, but the ghost is a Japanese spirit from Shinto.Youtube

11) Seriously, the stupid thing could actually eat itself to death!


12) And of course, the satisfaction of reviving one.

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What do you remember most about your Tamagotchi?