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Ryan Reynolds Is Making A 'Home Alone' Inspired Movie For Grown Ups, Seriously

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Yep. You read that right. Ryan Reynolds is in the process of creating a new Home Alone-inspired movie.

Now, to be clear, it's not a reboot, sequel, or spin-off exactly. Instead, it's taking the general plot of someone being left behind and making it into an R-rated comedy.

While Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, this new movie will have a much different audience.

Reynolds is producing the film under his Maximum Effort production company, and it already has Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin' Back, Euphoria) attached to direct.

The movie will be called Stoned Alone, and according to Deadline, it will follow a "twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip."

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Apparently after getting high, he begins to think people are trying to break into his house, but it actually ends up being true. He then will spend the rest of the movie trying to protect his house from the burglars.

It's obviously a very different situation to have a fully-grown man left behind compared to an eight-year-old boy, but I guess it makes sense that they would target the twenty somethings because they are the ones who grew up watching the movie in the first place.

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The original was a huge success, raking in nearly $500 million at the box office. Times have changed a lot, but if there's one thing we've learned in recent years, it's that R-rated comedies are becoming more popular.

Even Reynold's own R-rated superhero franchise managed to break records. Deadpool has now become one of the biggest superheros in the world, even though the movies were separate from the other big superhero franchises.

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It'll be interesting to see if Reynolds will be starring in the role, but given that they specify it's a guy in his 20s, I am going to doubt it. Maybe he will instead take over the role of the burglars, and have to fight his way through all those traps.

I'm curious to see what they are going to do with this idea, and if we're being honest, I'm glad it's not a straight up reboot.

What do you think, are you excited for Stoned Alone?

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