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Perms Are Back In Style, And No We're Not Kidding

We all remember the days of the perm. They were a crunchier time, a frizzier time, a time when your hair could fall out at any second. All it took was a slightly distracted hair stylist and then boom, bald spot.

Perms get a bad rap, probably because they were a little bit of a nightmare about 99% of the time. In the 80s, everyone seemed to have one of these iconic hairstyles. They were big, they were frizzy, and they required a lot of maintenance, but for some reason we all wanted one.

A lot of us begged our parents to let us get a perm. And when we say begged, we mean it. Some of us, not naming names here, even wrote our moms a letter with many reasons why having a perm would be beneficial for them.

Here's the thing, perms were the ideal look of the 80s, and they were really something that was like a right of passage, but when their popularity faded away, we can't pretend that we weren't all a little bit relieved. The fact was, it made our hair feel like straw, and it would become almost unmanageable due to the sheer size of it. However, somehow, some way, perms have found a way back into fashion...

That's right. Just when you thought they were dead, perms made their way back. Just like every other style from the 80s and 90s, perms have successfully weaseled their way back into the mainstream.

Sure, a lot of people have continued to get perms since the 80s, but mostly they had fallen out of style. That is, until now. But don't worry, these aren't your grandmother's perms.

They have somehow managed to find a way to get your hair permanently curly without turning it into a giant ball of frizz.

Another benefit of these new perms is that they don't seem to have to be those tight spiral curls anymore, you can just have a nice subtle wave that looks pretty natural.

If you are interested in getting a perm, make sure you talk with a really trusted hairstylist first, because if your hair is really damaged then it's not a good idea at all.

Is this something you would be willing to try? Honestly, I think I would do it. As long as I would be guaranteed that I wouldn't come out looking like Gina Davis in Beetlejuice.

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Is this perm-revival something you can get behind?