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10 Facts About "Salute Your Shorts" That When You Think About Them, Will Make You Wanna Fart

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Salute Your Shorts may be one of the best, yet totally forgotten, TV shows from the 90s. Camp Anawanna still holds a special place in our hearts, even if the thought of it makes us wanna fart. The show focused on teenage campers who had to deal with their bossy counselor, and all the shenanigans that happen at summer camp.

The title is a nod to the common camp prank, which involves raising a set of boxer shorts up a flagpole. Kids would then salute the new "flag" as part of the prank.

But even if you watched all 25 episodes of Salute Your Shorts, you may not know these things.

1. Novel Idea


The cult-classic TV show was based off a book written in 1986, called Salute Your Shorts: Life at Summer Camp. The book was co-written by the show's creator, Steve Slavkin. A few years after it was published, Slavkin heard that Nickelodeon was looking for new kid-focused sitcoms so he pitched his book. Network executives loved it and gave him the go-ahead to film a pilot.

2. They Grow Up So Fast

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When Slavkin first shot the pilot for Salute Your Shorts, the cast was fairly young. After getting stuck in the development for a year, Slavkin noticed that most of the kids in the pilot ended up looking too old to be in the show anymore. The entire cast, except for one, was recast.

“Donkeylips was the only holdover from the first show,” Slavkin said.

3. Hear No Evil


One of the ways to fill time on the show was to have Dr. Kahn, the camp supervisor, narrate. We never see Dr. Kahn, but his voice may be familiar. It's actually Slavkin himself!

“I would go into editing and the show would be, like, a minute short,” Slavkin explained. To fill the minute, Slavin took stock photography, then would “just sit in a booth and make up stuff right there as the clock was ticking and record it. There was no genius involved—it was literally just to fill up the time.”

4. Au Naturel


At camp, there's no hair and makeup teams, which is why Slavkin decided to do the same for his show. Even when one of the kids had to get braces, it was written into the show.

“I was looking for kids that had no acting experience," he said. "We put almost no makeup on the kids. We wanted their hair crazy, we wanted buck teeth—we wanted them to be kids.”

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