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'Clueless' Star Paul Rudd Reveals His Favorite Scene And Why The Movie Still Holds Up

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Listen, I know there are other teen movies that are great and all, but none of them will ever be better than Clueless. There's just no way.

The movie has become one of those iconic films that even though it has been such a long time since it came out. There are very obvious differences in the way people act now, but it still holds up to this day.

You'd think that all the dated references like pagers, old-school cellphones, and obviously the very 90s-inspired clothes would make the movie feel ancient at this point, but when you watch it you don't even notice. It's like you are immediately transported into an alternate universe where all of that stuff is still so cool.

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You might think it's because Cher is the absolute coolest and makes you want to believe that she's still the most popular girl in the world, but she's not the only one.

We've got to talk about Josh.

Clueless Josh
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Josh, played by Paul Rudd, is absolutely one of the reasons the movie still holds up. He is unlike any other 90s teen heartthrob, and I think that's what has helped the movie last so long. It may also be because he still looks the exact same now, so it's hard to tell that any time has passed, but let's not focus on that right now...

Sure, Jane Austen's Emma gets a lot of the credit for creating a plot that can withstand decades and decades of changes, but Josh managed to basically create the new dream guy out of nothing.

Normally, teen heartthrobs would be either a jock or a rebel. Girls would always fall for the big football players, or the leather jacket-wearing bad boy.

Think about The Breakfast Club. You've got Emilio Estevez as a jock who gets the girl, and you've got Judd Nelson as the rebel who also gets the girl. Who doesn't get the girl? The sensitive, smart, kind of dorky guy.

But then cut to Clueless, and you've got Josh who's smart, sarcastic, funny, and he's not afraid to comfort people when they're down, and guess what, he gets the girl!

Clueless josh
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He's not the big tough guy, he's not purposefully mean (just some playful banter), he is simply nice to people and manages be himself. I think we can all agree that it's a very attractive quality to see someone who is confident in themselves even if it means they dance like a goober in front of a bunch of people from their college.

Paul Rudd has obviously become a huge star since starring in Clueless, and we couldn't be happier. He has proven himself over and over as one of Hollywood's best actors, and people should be giving him so much more credit. I know he get's a fair amount, but there is no such thing as too much love when it comes to Paul Rudd!

I think one of the best parts is that Rudd still loves the movie. While a lot of actors get embarrassed of their early work, he's proud that he got to be in it and he agrees that it has stood the test of time.

Clueless Josh
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“I look back with gratitude and only have happy memories. Everything was so new."

Even though two decades have passed, the movie is just as awesome as ever, and he knows it.

“The movie has held up so well. It’s something that I would have never predicted,” he said. “It’s the movie that I get asked about the most. It’s really due to Amy [Heckerling]’s clever writing. She did a great job, and Alicia Silverstone is so good.”

Clueless Josh
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Rudd's love of the movie has continue through the years, but he still has one scene that he loves more than any other. It's actually hardly even a scene, and just a little moment within a scene. His favorite moment from the movie is when Josh, Cher, and her father are all eating dinner and a cellphone rings, and all three of them rush to pick up their phones.

“I remember thinking that was the most cutting-edge joke I had ever seen. You look at it now and you laugh, but we didn’t have the Internet or social media when we made Clueless. That scene had never really been done at the time."

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I think knowing that Paul Rudd still loves and appreciates this movie makes me love it even more. And of course, Josh will always be the best 90s heartthrob ever.

As for the movie, there are a lot of facts you may not have known about Clueless that'll leave you totally buggin'.

As for all the other characters, while we know where Josh is what happened to everyone else? Well, don't worry, we've got that covered.

Alicia Silverstone is also still a big fan of the 90s classic, and brought Cher back for an episode of Lip Sync Battle and it was absolutely incredible.

As for the rest of the 90s teen heartthrobs, while they weren't Paul Rudd, they were still pretty great...

Source - Hello Giggles / Vanity Fair