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Don't Be 'Clueless,' Here's What The Cast Look Like Now And What They've Been Up To

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It's been more than 20 years since we were introduced to the world of Beverly Hills kids, and A LOT has changed in their lives since their iconic roles in the movie.

The 1995 coming-of-age comedy film spawned a spin-off TV sitcom and a series of books, and we loved every little bit of it that we would get.

But what's the cast been up to, and what do they look like now?

We've got the answers for you!

Christian - Justin Walker

Cher loved Christian, so we did too. Unfortunately, we didn't see much of the actor after his role on Clueless. He had some small acting roles, but left show biz in 2005, and later became the owner of Teddy Teadle's Grill in Rancho Mirage, California.

Tai - Brittany Murphy

Oh, sweet Tai. Murphy's career took off right after Clueless. She starred in hit movies like 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Just Married, and Sin City, until her untimely death in 2009 at the age of 32.

Elton - Jeremy Sisto

Sisto, who played Elton, the obnoxious rich kid, went on to try out many different types of roles. He starred in Law & Order, Waitress, Six Feet Under, and even voiced Batman.

He now lives with his wife Addie Lane and two children, Charlie Ballerina and Bastian Kick.

Mr. Wendell - Wallace Shawn

Ahhh good ol' Mr. Wendell. You've seen him in many movies after his success on Clueless. He's appeared in The Incredibles, BoJack Horseman, and even Gossip Girl.

Amber - Elisa Donovan

If it wasn't for Amber, we would have never known how to properly "whatever" someone. Donovan has starred in numerous successful roles after bidding goodbye to her role as Amber, such as Beverly Hills, 90210, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

In 2012, Donovan married Charlie Bigelow, and in that same year they welcomed their daughter, Scarlett Avery. The 46-year-old actress now blogs about parenting on PEOPLE.

So what's the rest of the cast been up to? Keep reading!

Murray - Donald Faison

Faison reprised the role of Murray in the movie's spin-off sitcom that ran from 1996 to 1999. He also appeared in Waiting to Exhale, Uptown Girls, Josie and the Pussycats, but is well-known for playing Dr. Chris Turk on Scrubs.

Recently, he married CaCee Cobb in 2012, and they have two children, Rocco and Wilder. Faison has two other children from previous relationships.

Josh - Paul Rudd

We all fell in love with Josh, and we didn't stop loving him ever since. Rudd has starred in some of the biggest roles in Hollywood, such as Anchorman, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Ant-Man. He also played Mike Hannigan in Friends

He married Julie Yaeger in 2003, and welcomed their son Jack in 2006 and daughter Darby in 2010.

Mel - Dan Hedaya

The father figure who always had something to say about what his daughter wore did pretty well for himself in real life. Hedaya has starred in dozens of movies, including The Usual Suspects, The First Wives Club, Mulholland Drive, Monk, and Gotham.

Travis - Breckin Meyer

Dude...Meyer seemed to have a knack for playing a slacker or a stoner, but that all changed when he starred in Road Trip, which then led him to appear in Rat Race, Garfield, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

He divorced his wife in 2012, whom he shares two daughters with.

Dionne - Stacey Dash

First, how does the actress who played Dionne Davenport look like she's still stuck in the '90s? It's also hard to believe that the 50-year-old actress has two children, ages 26 and 14.

Anyway, Dash also followed her on-screen boyfriend on Clueless and played Dionne in the spinoff sitcom. Since then, she's been part of View from the Top, The Game, and even starred in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" music video.

Cher Horowitz - Alicia Silverstone

Our beloved teenage idol, Cher Horowitz, has starred in many movies and TV shows after her success on Clueless. She played in Batman and Robin, Vamps, and guest-starred on Suburgatory, which she played alongside Jeremy Sisto.

Silverstone married musician Christopher Jarecki in 2005, and welcomed their son, Bear Blu, in 2011. She's also been busy running a lifestyle website called The Kind Life, which is about vegan eating and environmental awareness.

Which character on Clueless was your favorite?