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Only Someone Born In The 80s Will Be Able To Name These Movies Based Only On Their Dance Scenes

It seemed like every 80s movie was either about dancing specifically, or had a fairly awesome dance break at some point. Whether the movie was about the oppressive town laws that forbid teens from expressing themselves through dance, or a choreographed street dance in the middle of a parade, there was always an excuse to bust a move in the 80s.

There are a lot of iconic moments from 80s movies. Just think about it, there are so many that you can easily name!

'Footloose' is obviously one of the best

Paramount PIctures

Kevin Bacon dances his way into town and shakes up the whole legal system.

'Dirty Dancing' is one of the best romantic movies out there

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When they nail that lift at the end, we all felt like we were flying.

'Mannequin' has a dance sequence that will make you smile every time

20th Century Fox

Nothing is more 80s than a montage with multiple outfits.

What it comes down to is that movies that feature dancing are the best, or at least the dancing parts are. Sometimes all you want to watch is the dance sequences, so what if someone would just go ahead and do that for you? Well, you're in luck...


The dance sequences are by far the best part of basically every movie. If a character takes a minute to do a little boogie, it immediately improves the overall quality of a movie by at least one star rating.

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Sometimes you don't have time to re-watch all your favorite movies, but luckily for us the internet exists and people are capable of making awesome and perfect compilations for us to enjoy.

This has basically every dance sequence from the 80s that you remember all together and it's basically the perfect little nostalgia boost you need! It also might inspire you to revisit some old favorites!

Can you name all the movies in the video?

Which dance scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!