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10 Ridiculous Kills From The 'Friday The 13th' Movies That You Probably Won't Have To Worry About. Probably.

The Friday the 13th series is one of the definitive slasher-movie franchises of the 80s and 90s. Even if you've never watched one of them, chances are you'd recognize lead killer Jason Voorhees anyway, thanks to his signature hockey mask.

The franchise has continued on for decades (even being remade in 2009), and if there's one thing that's stayed consistent with each movie, it's the absolutely insane kills that Jason manages to pull off. In particular, these 10 will either make you wince, laugh, or both.

There's the time Jason straight up punched a guy's head off

Or when he swings a girl trapped in a sleeping bag into a tree (complete with a cartoony sound effect)

Which is parodied to hilarious effect in Jason X

They only get more ridiculous from here...

He also straight up kills a girl with an electric guitar (somehow?)

Who could forget Andy getting chopped up while doing handstands?

Then there's this one which is just completely random and makes no sense

How about this hilariously bad effect of a guy getting his head crushed by Jason?

He puts a "twist" on this one in another movie

You can't stop the guy, even when he's ON FIRE

And of course, let's not forget when Kevin Bacon got an arrow through his chest (even though this was done by Jason's mother)

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