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If You Can Remember These Then Your Childhood Was Awesome

When we were kids, there were no iPads or smart phones. We had to have our fun with good old fashioned books, well not totally old fashioned because ours made noise. Many of our favorite story books had a bar on the side that had buttons that would play a sound effect that would fit into the story.

Pretty much every Disney story or popular TV show got its own little book with specific sounds that were customized to it so it wasn't like you would read an Aladdin book and hear noises from The Lion King.

The books would help the kids stay interested because then even young kids who couldn't read would get to participate when their parents read to them. It was always the best part to push the buttons anyway!

Did you have any of these when you were young? The thing I remember most about them was when the batteries started to give out and they started to sound a little sad. Sometimes they would end up pretty hilarious before dying completely!

Do you remember these books?