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12 Facts About Nickelodeon That Even 90s Kids Won't Know

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Nickelodeon was pretty much the defining cartoon network for every 90s kid, and as much as we all loved it, we're willing to bet you might not know these 12 facts about them!

1) Arnold's full name is "Arnold Philip Shortman."


2) Hey Arnold! actually began as a series of claymation shorts.


They aired in-between episodes of Sesame Street and featured characters like Arnold, Helga, and Harold.

3) All of the children on Rugrats were voiced by women, including Tommy, Chuckie and Phil.


4) And while we're on the subject, Busta Rhymes was the voice of Reptar. Seriously.

5) Gak was named after a street term for heroin from Philadelphia.


The facts just get crazier from here...

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