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10 Movie Remakes That Are Happening Whether We're Ready Or Not

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You're not the only one to have mixed feelings when it comes to movie remakes, but it's going to be hard to ignore some of these classics when they make it on the big screen.

Remakes of Jumanji and Beauty and the Beast have recently hit theaters, and many have applauded the people behind the film for actually doing a good job.

Here are 10 movie remakes we've all been waiting for, and it may have been just worth the wait.

1. Car Wash

The 1976 comedy classic will make an appearance in theaters once Universal finds a writer for the story. Who knows if the whole car wash cast will be as funny as the ones who were cast in the '70s, but all we're hoping for is to hear that hilarious and catchy theme song again.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia

It's been seven years since the most recent installment of the fantasy series, so it's about time!  

Sony and Entertainment One will reboot The Chronicles of Narnia franchise with a whole new cast. The production of Narnia: The Silver Chair is supposed to begin early 2018, with a release date around Christmas 2018.

3. Clue: Presentation Short  

We all do love a good intrigue, especially if it's tied to one of our favorite childhood games.

The 1985 original comedy film is set at a dinner party, where guests who have been given aliases all try to figure out who murdered Mr. Boddy. There's been no announcement of when the film will be released, but we do know that there will be nine guests who must cooperate to solve a murder at a mysterious mansion.

4. The Lion King

The Lion King franchise has always had success, so it's no surprise that Hollywood wants to cash in some more big bucks on the next installment.

Word has it that famous celebrities like Donald Glover, Beyonce, John Oliver, and Seth Rogan have been cast as the movie's voice actors.

Here's a glimpse of the visuals that you'll see in the 2019 remake.

5. Aladdin

One of our favorite princess stories, Aladdin, hit the big screen in 1992 as an animated movie. Our prayers have finally been answered, so we'll be seeing a live-action retelling of the love story between Aladdin and Jasmine in 2019.

Will Smith will play the genie, while Mena Massoud plays Aladdin, and Naomi Scott plays Jasmine.

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