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They Gave Rainbow Brite A Makeover And I Don't Know How To Feel About It

Rainbow Brite was an amazing cartoon that originated back in the 80s and was hugely popular. Her colorful friends and magical companions helped her bring light and happiness to everyone in Rainbow Land.


She had two main companions that kept her company through all of her adventures. One was her rainbow-haired horse was named Starlite who often referred to himself as "the most magnificent horse in the universe" and could gallop on rainbows. The other was Twink, her person sprite. He is the only white sprite and is in charge of all the others and acts a little bit manic at times.


There are a bunch of other kids in the show, and each has their own signature color and even their own sprite friend. There a a few villains as well that pop in and out, but the primary villain was always Murky Dismal.


There were only 13 episodes of the original series between 1984 and 1986 but it was enough to inspire a few more reboots over the years. Whenever they reboot something it always makes people nervous because there are so many nostalgic feelings associated with the original, but they keep trying.

You might want to prepare yourself, because this definitely isn't the Rainbow Brite you remember.

The Rainbow Brite reboot changed a lot about the character's looks, and I don't know how to feel about it.

DHX Media

She just doesn't seem as adorable as she used to. I mean, a lot of the elements are still the same. High pony? Check. Rainbow belt? Check. Big rainbow platforms? Of course, but the look just isn't the same and I think that the original was definitely better.

Hallmark / DHX Media

The Rainbow Brite reboot came out in 2014, and to the shock of pretty much no one only got one season. Turns out when you drastically change the look of a beloved character, your show might not be that successful. Well, watch the reboot's trailer and see for yourself.

At least we still have the Rainbow Brite we grew up loving, so at least we can just...pretend that reboot never happened.

What do you think? Is the original always the best?