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'Making Movies Betters By Subtracting One Letter' Is Still One Of The Best Things To Come Out Of The Internet

Sometimes a thread on Reddit takes on a life of it's own. That seems to be what happened when people began to make movies 'better' by removing one letter from the title. People have been doing this for a while, but one man took it to the next level when he began to draw the movie posters for new names. He ended up with a bunch of fans who wanted to buy his work, and even landed himself a book deal!

The book is available now and is pretty amazing. Some of his original illustrations are still available on Imgur so you can get a little preview of what he does. By subtracting one letter from the title of popular movies, the entire plot is changed which obviously means a new poster and a synopsis are added in for fun.


The story of how a police officer works through his PTSD and adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of the sexy soothing sound of his oboe. - austindlight

Jurassic Par

Two dinosaurs set out to prove they're more than just killing machines. Thanks to a loophole in the rules they find a spot on the PGA tour and golf their way to the top of the food chain.- austindlight

Harry Otter

A young boy finds out who, and what, he is. Magic ensues. - austindlight

Raining Day

Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington play two narcotics officers who play hookie and spend a rainy day inside playing board games and drinking cocoa.- austindlight

Mr. and Mrs. Sith

Mr. and Mrs. Sith Two Jedi abandon the order for love. Also to shoot lightning from their hands. Because that's cool.- austindlight

Star Wars: A New Hoe

A farm boy, who apparently farms sand, fulfills his destiny and becomes the first farmer to do the kessel run in 12 parsecs.- austindlight

Beauty and the Beat

After a witch turns her best friend into a dope boom box, Belle decides to enter France's Got Talent. She crushes it.- austindlight

Ron Man

A disgruntled government employee builds a robo suit in his garage to help him stop the government he works for from getting any more work done. - austindlight


Ryan Gosling plays a mysteriously appealing scuba diving guide who gets mixed up in some shady business. He has like 12 lines the whole movie. He also stomps a shark to death. - austindlight


A thief with a penchant for masks keeps getting caught in the act. - austindlight


A pregnant teen climbs to the top of the Uno rec league championship tournament.- austindlight

Check out the Imgur post for more, or buy the book of completed images!