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Which Major '80s Event Happened The Year You Were Born?

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We are all products of our time, and many of us are who we are today because of the environment we grew up in. Which is interesting because we have no memory of the year we were born in.

So for all those 80s kids out there, check out the biggest things that came from the decade (besides you)!

1980 - Disco's Peak

This was the first, and only year that the award show offered a Grammy for Best Disco Recording. Might have been a good decision.

1981 - A Royal Wedding

It was a big year for British royalty, with the announcement of engagement between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, their wedding, and the news of her pregnancy with Prince William.

1982 - Thriller

The critically acclaimed record from Michael Jackson was released and people all over the world went wild for the music and of course, those rocking dance moves!

1983 - Fraggle Rock

In a move to promote world peace, the United States and Canada co-produced this TV show with Jim Henson, giving us weird, but wonderful memories of the Fraggles.

1984 - Macintosh

The launch of Apple's first computer (Macintosh) hit the world like a sledgehammer through a scary glass screen, and while we never figured out what this commercial was all about, its launch really changed the world.

1985 - Live Aid

This iconic concert designed to funnel donations to the world's most poverty-stricken places, and ended up starting a decades-long effort that continues to make change.

Haven't seen your year yet? Keep reading to see what the world was changing into!

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