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It's Been 15 Years Since They Left Capeside, So Where's The Cast Of "Dawson's Creek" Now?

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Dawson's Creek was a massive hit from the time it first hit  television screens in 1998. It followed the growth of the all-American kid Dawson Leery (played by James Van Der Beek) and his cast of friends as they tried to navigate their lives through their high school years. The show had viewers glued to their television screens for six seasons, but after the show finished, what exactly happened to the stars who had made the previous six years so enjoyable, and what are they up to now?

Let's find out.

1. James Van Der Beek - Dawson Leery


James played the show's lead role and title character, Dawson Leery. He was the soft-boiled egg who the group seemed to center around. Since the show ended James has stayed relatively busy as an actor. He went on to star in the 90s football drama Varsity Blues, and he has also had some TV roles in How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty, CSI: Cyber, and Criminal Minds.

2. Katie Holmes - Joey Potter

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After the success of Dawson's Creek, Katie had some major success in the movies, and was really making a name for herself before she got married to Tom Cruise and had her daughter Suri. She made her big screen comeback in Batman Begins, and then went on to portray Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys and The Kennedys: Decline and Fall. She made her directorial debut in 2016 with All We Had.

3. Joshua Jackson - Pacey Witter


Likely the most prolific cast member (before the show even started), Joshua Jackson didn't see nearly as much success after her was done portraying Pacey Witter. He was actually arrested in 2002 for being drunk on a hockey rink which didn't look good. He has been playing Cole Lockhart in The Affair for a few years, and has appeared in Sky, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Fringe as well.

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