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Kids Today Have No Idea How Much Work Taking Pictures Used To Be

Having your picture taken when you were a kid was a lot different than it is today. We didn't get to take simple selfies while looking at our expressions in a screen. We didn't get to take 100 pictures until it turned out right. We didn't even get to see what the pictures looked like FOR DAYS!

Times have changed. Every kid has their own cellphone now, all of which are equipped with very fancy cameras. They can immediately see their pictures and delete, retake or post them where ever they want. It's a lot different from how we used to deal with our pictures.

First we would need to get our hands on a camera, either a real camera, or a cheap disposable one

We would have to make sure it still had film in it

If it didn't have a lot of film we would have to reload it

It also needed batteries to work, so you better check you have those AAs handy!

When you wanted to start taking pictures, you better make sure you take your time because you only have 24-36 frames to get it right

But you aren't going to know until you get it developed

Then you will have to rewind the film if it's a real camera and pull it out to put in one of those little canisters

Does all of this sound familiar? Click to the next page to remember the stress of getting the film developed!

Making sure you don't expose the film to any light otherwise it is just trash

Then you have to go to the photo lab to get your pictures developed

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But you would put the information on an envelope and leave it there for a good week before getting them back, hoping that they wouldn't lose or damage your 24 important memories

Then you'd get the pictures back and go through them, making sure to keep your fingers on the edges of the paper so you don't smudge them

And then you'd be upset when almost all of the pictures has someone blinking or a finger in the frame

But you'd find one or two good ones, and you would put that in a frame while the others were all either put in photo albums or stacked in a box in the envelope

That was how it was, nothing like these days!

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