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Are Your Old Pogs Actually Worth As Much As People Claim?

People like to look back at their childhood and think about all the cool stuff they had. We all collected Beanie Babies, Pokemon Cards, Polly Pockets, and more, but one of the weirdest obsessions we all had was the Pog craze.

Pogs were perhaps one of the most popular toys (if you could really call them that) of the 90s. They were basically little cardboard disks that had pictures on them, and the point of them was to collect as many as you could, trade them with your friends, and maybe compete for more using your "Slammer".

A lot of kids paid good money to their friends to get the so-called rare editions or the super cool Slammer they got for their birthday, but the fact of the matter remains, Pogs basically vanished as fast as they appeared.

The game you played with them was actually a super old game, dating back to the 1920s, called milk caps.

It started when a drink company sold a container that had these little caps on top, and kids would take them after the drink was done and play with them. Even after the drink went out of production, the company continued to make the little caps for kids to play with.

The drink was made by the brand name "POG" so that's why when they made their 1990s revival they went with that name.

When they were reintroduced they became the latest and greatest fad imaginable. They were literally everywhere. You'd even get them in your Happy Meal!

People ended up spending a lot of money on these modified milk caps, and now some people are wondering if it was really worth it.

Like Beanie Babies, people have wondered if those Pogs they bought are worth anything now, so we've done some digging and have some answers.

If you search for them on Ebay, you're going to see some super high prices

There are some claiming that their collections of 100 Pogs are worth $110, making each little disk worth more than $1 each

Or this set of 95 slammers is worth $200

But the fact of the matter is, you don't look at the listings to see how much something is worth, you look at the actual sales.

Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay

Even if you can guarantee that something you have is super rare, someone has to be willing to buy it. Surprisingly enough, people are still willing to buy Pogs, but they are not willing to spend as much as these sellers wanted, but some still made some decent cash!

Someone paid $137 for less than 100 Pogs...

They are all mostly Nintendo themed, and includes a few slammers and a plastic storage tube.

But most of the time if they are paying a good amount of money it's because they are getting A LOT of Pogs, but it's just a random collection. Like this collection of 1,100 Pogs for $137.

Most of the sets seem to go for around $40-$50 though, so if you still have some laying around your attic, you may as well give it a try! It's not going to make you rich, but it's worth the effort!

Do you still have a bunch of Pogs at home? Would you consider selling them or is there too much sentimental value?

We all had our favorite collectibles, which was your obsession?

Was it Garbage Pail Kids? What about Disney Merch? Or even Happy Meal toys? Admit it, we all had an obsession!

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