7 Reasons Why School Picture Day Was The Absolute Worst

School pictures happen every year, but somehow we never were ready. Whether you wore the wrong dress, didn't brush your hair, or happened to have just lost a tooth, school pictures always turned into a contest of whose turned out worse. Those big envelopes with the clear plastic windows were the most stressful delivery of the year. Your teacher would call your name and you would have to go to the front of the class and grab it, and hope that they wouldn't say anything about it when they handed it to you. You never wanted to be the person


Kids Today Have No Idea How Much Work Taking Pictures Used To Be

Having your picture taken when you were a kid was a lot different than it is today. We didn't get to take simple selfies while looking at our expressions in a screen. We didn't get to take 100 pictures until it turned out right. We didn't even get to see what the pictures looked like FOR DAYS! Times have changed. Every kid has their own cellphone now, all of which are equipped with very fancy cameras. They can immediately see their pictures and delete, retake or post them where ever they want. It's a lot different from how we used


The Bizarre Story Behind This Famous Photo Of Richard Nixon And Elvis Presley

If you're old enough to remember The King, you've probably seen this famous picture of him shaking hands with President Richard Nixon.Maybe you thought it was a joke, or some kind of fake photo, but it's 100% real and the true story behind this famous meeting is impossible to imagine.This picture has inspired 2 movies and remains the most requested photograph in the history of America's National Archives, but what exactly brought this rock and roll icon to the White House?Smithsonian MagazineElvis famously collected cars and guns, but he also had a passion for police badges.The