9 Facts About Kenan And Kel You'll Love More Than Orange Soda

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Kenan and Kel were the best comedy duo of the 90s, and it's not even close. Their show ran for a whopping 65 episodes, which for a show in the 90s is a decent stint. The friends shot to fame with the movie Good Burger, which is still quoted today.

Though we watched Kenan and Kel grow up on screen, and continue to watch Kenan on Saturday Night Live, there are still some things you may not know about your fave 90s friends.

1. Californ-I-A

The first two seasons of Kenan & Kel were filmed in Florida at Universal Studios. Once it started to gain a little more popularity, the show moved to California in order to feature bigger celebrities. For show-runner Dan Frischman, the move could not have come at a better time.

“There was a TV monitor outside the dressing area in Orlando that had a goofy Nickelodeon cartoon character singing a very annoying jingle,” Frischman said in an interview. “It ran on a loop and they wouldn’t turn it off!”

2. Making History


When Kenan & Kel first aired, it made history by becoming the first Nickelodeon primetime sitcom to star two African-American leads.

3. Coolio

Coolio loved Kenan & Kel, and it's not just because he wrote and sang the theme song. The artist also directed the show's opening sequence. When asked who he thought was better, Kenan or Kel, Coolio was not impressed.

"Kel, excuse my French, wouldn't have been sh*t without Kenan, and Kenan wouldn't have been sh*t without Kel. They go hand-in-hand."

“Shout out to Coolio,” Thompson joked in an interview. “It was the best. He had been on All That before at that point, so we felt like we knew him. That’s how you are when you’re young, ‘Oh yeah, Coolio’s my best friend.’”

4. SN-Kel


When a poll of the Greatest 90’s TV Stars was taken for VH1, Kel was the resounding favorite out of the comedic duo. However, it didn't seem to translate to adults. Both Kenan and Kel auditioned for Saturday Night Live, but Kenan was the only one to land a spot.

5. Mom and Me

Kenan and Kel were inseparable off screen, just like their characters. But it wasn't just them, both their moms were close as well. They would all hang out together and the boys would pull pranks on their moms. Kel recalls a time when they replaced the dishwasher soap with laundry detergent.

“It was bubbles everywhere. The whole apartment was just with bubbles,” Mitchell said in an interview with ABC News. “It was like an episode of Kenan & Kel but real life. It was pretty funny.”

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