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90s Kids Remember Exactly How Awkward These HyperColor Shirts Really Were


Some of the fashion choices we made as kids were questionable, sure, but others were honestly completely mind boggling. How many of you remember 'HyperColor' shirts? If you really think about them, it's hard to remember why we thought they were a good idea at all.

Sure, having a color changing shirt sounds cool in theory, but in practice it does not go well. What happens when your preteen body starts getting all sweaty and smelly and you are stuck there with a giant circle around your stinky underarms?

The thing is, we never thought about stuff like that when we were young, they just looked cool! There were a lot of different choices too, so you could have a color changing shirt for every day of the week!

You could try and act like it was a super cool choice...

But how cool could we look when our sweat stains were the color of a highlighter?

Whether it had short sleeves or long sleeves, the theory behind it was just as weird

Even the commercials that these things had were completely insane, check them out...

Luckily, the 'HyperColor' craze didn't last long. We may have all gotten our pictures taken with some with florescent shirts on, but at least we aren't the people in these commercials. Seriously, these are some of the strangest commercials of the 90s.

Whether they wanted you to wear HyperColor in a dance club

Or if they were trying to convince you that these commercials were interactive...

Fact of the matter is that these commercials were as weird as the concept behind a color changing shirt that reacts to heat.

Did you ever own a HyperColor shirt? Let us know in the comments!