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10 Soundtracks That Were Way Better Than The Movies They Were Made For

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A good soundtrack can make a great movie just that much better: what would Top Gun be without "Danger Zone" or Flashdance without "Maniac?" However, sometimes a soundtrack is SO good that it helps us forget that the movie we're watching really isn't, which is especially the case for these next 10 movies.

Batman Forever (1995)

The soundtrack that almost single-handedly made Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" the smash-hit that it was, we could almost forgive it for being attached to the second-worst Batman movie of all time.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

The movie was a massive it in its time, but let's get real here, if it wasn't for the BeeGees, nobody would've cared. The soundtrack is the absolute best of the disco era, and it still holds up well if you like that sort of thing.

Purple Rain (1984)

Purple Rain the movie is just kind of okay. Purple Rain the album, on the other hand, is an absolute masterpiece of rock and funk, released by a master of the craft.

The Bodyguard (1992)

This mediocre star vehicle for both Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston is saved by a soundtrack featuring some of her absolute best work, to the point that it's still beloved to this day.

These next few movies definitely had way better soundtracks than they probably deserved...

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