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10 Fast Food Items That Were Too Good For This World (And Need To Come Back)

Innovation is often the best way for businesses to keep their brands interesting. Nowhere is this more true than with fast food companies; it seems like every year there's a new promotion or food item mean to drive up sales, and while some are massively successful, others become lost to the sands of time. Well we're here to unearth these 10 items, which we'd honestly love to see make a comeback.

McDonald's Pizza


No joke, one of my earliest memories is getting McDonald's Pizza with my parents. There are literally only three locations in the States that still sell it, anybody up for a road trip?

Sonic Pickle-Os


Fried pickles are one of the most delicious snacks known to mankind, and Sonic's pickle-os were some of the best. They were only for a limited time, and we want them back!

McDonald's Arch Deluxe

The burger was McDonald's attempt at trying to make a more "gourmet" option for adults, complete with a unique "secret sauce." Customers didn't care though, and it was one of the company's most expensive failures.

Long John Silver's Peg Leg

Long John Silver's

The peg legs were small chicken drumsticks served atop a bed of fries, and people feel so strongly about it that there's apparently a small boycott of the chain since they discontinued it!

I'm pretty sure I'd trade my car for some of these next items to come back...

McDonald's Fried Apple Pies


Sure McDonald's still has apple pies, but once upon a time they were fried instead of baked, and tasted SO much better. Some stores do still offer these, but it's a bit out of your way to find most of them.

Burger King Burger Shots

Burger King

Burger King's answer to White Castle's tiny slider burgers were honestly pretty good, but the market just wasn't there any of the THREE times they tried this idea.

McDonald's McDLT


This was actually a pretty cool idea: a burger with two separate packagings, one for the hot ingredients and one for the cold. Unfortunately, people weren't too keen on putting their own fast food together, and the packaging itself was SUPER not eco-friendly, so it was discontinued.

Taco Bell Bell Beefer

Taco Bell

It was a hamburger made out of taco beef, and yes that's just as weird and delicious as it sounds. Apparently the public didn't agree.

McDonald's Salad Shaker


Our moms definitely loved these when they rolled around in the late 90s, but ultimately McDonald's ditched them to just provide traditional salads instead.

Dairy Queen Breeze


It was an alternative to their milkshakes that was made with frozen yogurt instead, and was pretty awesome. People just didn't seem to care, and apparently oftentimes the yogurt would go bad before it was even used up.

What fast food item do you miss? Let us know in the comments!