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Tours Banned From Visiting 'Full House' Location After Neighbors Tell Them To 'Cut It Out'

Watching Full House as a kid was one of the most important things we had to do. Every week we would tune in to see how the Tanner family was doing, and after all those years it started to feel kind of like it was our house too.

As all of us 90s kids got older, we realized that this house was actually a real place, and while we couldn't go inside of it, we could at least do a tour where we saw the outside in person.

There were a lot of different tours that would take big groups of people to the residential neighborhood in San Francisco so they could take pictures on the Tanner's steps, but the now that is not going to happen anymore.

Tour busses will no longer be allowed to stop outside of the house after the neighbors joined together to raise complaints after they realized it was causing a safety hazard.

sad michelle tanner

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) voted to ban commercial vehicles on the road after it became too difficult to navigate the streets.

"Large vehicles were parking on the block, right in front of the house," said Paul Rose from the SFMTA. "That was causing people who were driving, walking, riding bikes to go around those large vehicles into the traffic lane and that’s creating a safety hazard."

Nicholas Hollister lives right next door to the house in one of the attached homes, and he admits that it has become an even bigger issue now more than ever.

Full House

"We’ve been dealing with it for a while, but in the last couple of years since they’ve started construction again, it’s gotten way more chaotic."

He revealed that since the reboot of the show has been released, there has been an increase in traffic. That was why everyone banded together to put a stop to it.

First they tried putting up signs with messages like "Please keep the volume down" and "we hear you all day long," but when that didn't work they had to keep moving forward.

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"People were very, very angry," Hollister said. "So the whole block has kind of come together in a sense."

The SFMTA approved the citizens' request, and now commercial vehicles will no longer be allowed to park near the building. Chances are there will still be a heavy flow of tourists walking their way to the location, but at least they won't have to worry about traffic.

Would you want to go see the Full House location? Or are you happy just seeing it on the show?

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