29 Reasons That Prove Michelle Was The Best Part Of Full House And Should Come Back To The Reunion

I think we can all agree that Michelle was the most relatable of the Tanner sisters on Full House. I think that was why we all secretly hoped at least one of the Olsen twins would come out of retirement for the reunion show and grace us with those four words we were all dying to hear: You got it, dude!

But, unfortunately they were busy running a fashion empire or something, but we can still hope right? Here are the 29 reasons why we need Michelle Tanner to come back.



1. Michelle's sarcasm is just so perfect.

2. She can dance better than any of the Tanners. Except MAYBE Stephanie.

3. She knows what the important issues are.

4. She turns things down like a champ.

5. She manages to be both sarcastic AND optimistic. That's an incredibly challenging balance

6. But she isn't afraid to let you know when you're being ridiculous

7. Michelle will also call you out when you are doing something really bad

8. She is just as shocked as we are that she isn't in the revival.

9. I bet she has the best Instagram. She always had the best hairstyles.

10. She also was great in those moments where one of the adults would have a heart to heart while violins played a sad song. Where is this kid's Emmy award?

11. Her bond with her uncle is too cute. Uncle Jesse most definitely has a favorite niece and her name is Michelle.

12. She has rational thoughts that we all have. This is a cost saving exercise Danny, you should give it a shot.

13. She really should have become a food critic or chef or something.

14. She works those puppy eyes like no one else.

15. She is even adorable when she is full of rage.

16. She is way cooler than anyone else.

17. She is so humble.

18. Michelle's laughs need to be earned.


19. She is a tiny tank.


20. She is super honest about her feelings.


21. She understands traditions for what they are: ridiculous


22. She really is all of us right?


23. I mean, she may as well earn some more money right? It doesn't matter that the twins are billionaires. Do it for Michelle!


24. She knows that full speed is required when ice cream is involved.

25. I mean, there is no need to deny it when it's true right? This should be reason enough!  


26. Maybe she could come back to prove that she knows how to eat spaghetti now?


27. She is actually pretty wise for a tiny kid.


28. She is a rock star for sure


29. And most importantly: Because we want her to. What do you say Michelle?

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