Full House 'Crossed A Line' With Kimmy Gibbler, And More Details From Andrea Barber

Everyone's favorite annoying friend, Kimmy Gibbler, was the punchline to many jokes on Full House. Whether it was one-off remarks about not being wanted in her own home, constantly telling her her feet stink or making fun of her outfit which leads to her confronting Jesse, the show made sure one thing was well known: Kimmy Gibbler was a big joke. "Wouldn't it be great if they could lose the [plane] passengers instead of the luggage?" asks Jesse after Kimmy comes back from a trip. "Go live with a wildebeest," was one from Danny Tanner. "Hey, Kimmy, where are you


A Guide To All The TV Reboots That Are Happening Whether You Want Them Or Not

It seems like everywhere you look, another one of the iconic things from your childhood manages to come back. Whether it's all these Disney movies trying live-action versions, or our old toys, or even our old drinks, the 80s and 90s are definitely back with a vengence. It's getting hard to keep track about all of the reboots and reunions that are going on right now, but luckily we've got you covered. Full House (Now called Fuller House)NetflixWhat is it? The classic 90s sitcom was revamped for Netflix a few years ago. Now DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy all live


7 Things You Didn't Know About John Stamos That Will Make You Say "Have Mercy"

John Stamos is an absolute legend. His hair alone used to cause complete and total commotion! The actor was a staple in the 80s and 90s thanks to his charming smile and the lovable characters he played.GiphyHow much do you know about the actor himself? He's a lot more than just Uncle Jesse! Let's take a look at the man behind the mullet! John Stamos can play the drumsGoodwill of Orange County / Lisa Renee PhotographyHe isn't acting when he plays the drums in Full House! He actually can play the instrument so well that he once went on tour

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11 Obnoxious Sitcom Characters From The 90s That Are Just The Absolute Worst

Sitcoms are one of the very best things available to watch. Sure, cartoons were great and dramas are fine, but sitcoms were the absolute greatest. There were so many to chose from, all with their own great stories. The thing is, not all characters can be winners. Sometimes there is a really annoying character who is necessary to the plot but honestly, just something about them drove us nuts. There were just so many irritating characters that we put up with, how many of these do you remember hating? 1. Steve UrkelABCSure, he was one of the main characters, but


Waldo From The Little Rascals Is All Grown Up And Wow Does He Look Different

He had one of those faces and voices that were so iconic to our childhood, yet most of us have no idea what happened to him. Blake McIver played a few very notable roles including Waldo Aloysius Johnston III in The Little Rascals and also Derek in Full House. #tbt Business Casual '94 A post shared by blakemciver (@blakemciver) on Jul 23, 2015 at 11:21am PDT He was around for a lot of our childhood but then sort of vanished from the public eye. It's weird that you don't hear about him as much anymore because his singing


29 Reasons That Prove Michelle Was The Best Part Of Full House And Should Come Back To The Reunion

I think we can all agree that Michelle was the most relatable of the Tanner sisters on Full House. I think that was why we all secretly hoped at least one of the Olsen twins would come out of retirement for the reunion show and grace us with those four words we were all dying to hear: You got it, dude! But, unfortunately they were busy running a fashion empire or something, but we can still hope right? Here are the 29 reasons why we need Michelle Tanner to come back. .        Giphy    1. Michelle's


90s Kids Will Be Shocked To Find Out The Olsen Twins Aren't Actually Identical Twins

Get ready for everything you know to be shattered. Well okay, not everything. But a pretty big part of your childhood has just fallen apart. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka Michelle Tanner, aren't actually identical twins. SAY WHAAAAAT!?Turns out, the twins are actually fraternal, meaning they're about alike as any other siblings. They were two different eggs that were fertilized and just happened to come out looking like clones of each other. These girls literally built an empire on looking the same and being twins. Did no one see "It Takes Two"?! Now I know what you're thinking. This