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Celebrate Friday The 13th At Camp Crystal Lake By Spending The Night And (Probably) Not Dying

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There's another Friday the 13th (the date, not the movie) coming up in April, so it's time to start planning how to celebrate the second spookiest day of the year.

Luckily, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco has the perfect solution.

The New Jersey campground was the setting for "Camp Crystal Lake" in the original 1980 Friday the 13th. Unfortunately, since it's still an active Boy Scout camp, it's normally closed to the public (which does include hockey-mask-wearing, machete-wielding slashers).

However, the New Jersey Council of the BSA have started occasionally offering horror fans guided tours as a fundraiser for the camp.

The tours have proven extremely popular, with tickets often selling out online within minutes. In order to help meet the demand and make things more fair, Crystal Lake Tours announced this week that they were making some changes for the upcoming April tour.

They've added an extra day, so tours will run on both Friday, April 13th, and Saturday, April 14th. The regular tour, which includes a guided tour of the filming locations, typically lasts about three hours.

Tickets for the regular tours will be processed at random in a lottery. Anyone interested in tickets can head to the Crystal Lake Tours Tickets page before March 4th and fill out a form to be entered into the lottery. The three options for tours are:

Friday April 13th Morning Tour: 9AM-1PM ($135)

Friday April 13th Afternoon Tour: 3PM-10PM - includes dinner ($175)

Saturday April 14th Afternoon Tour: 3PM-10PM - includes dinner ($175)

But vaguely ominous warnings from creepy old dudes will cost you extra.Paramount Pictures

But the extra day and the lottery system aren't the only things they've changed. For the really die hard fans they've also added VIP tours, with tickets up for auction until 11:59pm on February 27th.

The VIP package includes the guided tour and dinner, an overnight stay, a "first-time-ever special evening activity" (well that doesn't sound ominous), breakfast, and a "once-in-a-lifetime" morning activity with special guest Adrienne King, who starred as Alice in the original movie and Friday the 13th Part 2.

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All the information can be found on the Crystal Lake Tours website. So if you're a horror fan with a low key death wish, there's no better way to spend the unluckiest day of the year. Though, if at any point you hear someone whispering "ki ki ki ma ma ma" you might want to run.

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