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11 Outfits That Will Make You Wonder Why You Loved *NSYNC

There were so many boy bands that we were all obsessed with when we were kids, but there are a couple that stood out above the rest. *Nsync was easily one of the biggest boy bands in the 90s and early 2000s, right up there with The Backstreet Boys.


How did *Nsync get to be one of the most well known bands? Was it because of their awesome dance moves, or because they had such good voices? It's probably a combination of those two things mixed with the fact that their outfits were absolutely bonkers.

Seriously, look at these get-ups!

Joey...Justin...All of you... How? Why?

Who makes your coats?

It's so cute that Lance and Justin are wearing matching pants...

Did you guys have tour managers who picked your clothes? Or did you do this to yourselves?

Did you not know there were going to be cameras there? Because this is just awful to look at

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Justin, your hair is unbelievable. Please never do this again.


Joey, please explain to me your sweater. It's both very hairy, and also has cutouts. Why did you like this?


Overalls ARE pretty comfy so I suppose you can have a pass for this one...


But matching camouflage? Really??

There are no words.

So this is what they wore for their I Want You Back music video and I think we can all agree that it was epic

Seriously, watch this video so you can fully enjoy the whole ensemble.

Which *Nsync fashion moment was your favorite? The correct answer is any of them, they are all amazing.

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