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Find Your Way Back To Sin City With a New TV Reboot

2005's Sin City was one of the major success stories of the early wave of comic book movies. Adapted from Frank Miller's iconic graphic novel series by Robert Rodriguez and featuring an all-star cast of actors like Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, and Rosario Dawson, the movie was a hit with audiences and critics alike.

It remains certified Fresh on RottenTomatoes and went on to earn nearly double its budget at the US box office. Surprisingly, it took nearly ten years for a sequel to happen; Sin City: A Dame To Kill For wasn't released until 2014.

Despite featuring much of the same personnel and an even bigger star-studded cast (with actors like Eva Green and Josh Brolin joining the returning cast of the original), A Dame To Kill For scored poorly with critics and was a box-office flop. By all accounts, the franchise was dead in the water.

Except not! Glen Mazzara, former executive producer of The Walking Dead, and Len Wiseman, director of the Underworld franchise and producer of the shows Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer, have just announced that they're developing a reboot of the franchise for TV!

The pair have promised the show will be a "far departure from the films," which is maybe unsurprising given how gleefully R-rated they were (with cartoonishly graphic violence and prevalent nudity throughout each).

What remains to be seen is if any of the original cast will be returning to their roles. Eva Green and Jessica Alba are certainly no strangers to the world of TV, but something tells me Bruce Willis might not be interested. Then again, with Wiseman having worked with him on the Die Hard franchise, maybe he'll be able to pull some strings?

Then again, a new Hartigan could be pretty cool.

The producers have also hinted that the show will introduce "original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe," meaning that we might get some interesting new faces alongside fan-favorites like Marv and Nancy.

Personally, I hope Miho comes back.

It will be interesting to see what networks might take an interest in this, and whether the show will keep the hyper-stylized look of the movies, or if it will aim for something completely different.

What do you all think?

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