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It's Time To Decide Who Had The Best Mustache Of The 80s (Poll)

Mustaches were ever present in the 80s. It seemed like everyone knew someone with a big ol' mustache just chilling out under their nose. They weren't like the overly elaborate ones like you see now, these were large, bushy and excessive in all the best ways.

But who did it best? There are a lot of fancy mustachioed men, but who was the ultimate? Check out the list below and vote for who you think deserves the mustache crown.

Freddie Mercury

His talent is so vast that no one feature could possibly express his awesomeness, but that mustache does come close. It's impossibly epic.

Hulk Hogan

No one else seemed to have the same devotion to their facial hair. So blonde, so distinct, so iconic.

Burt Reynolds

There is a lot that Burt Reynolds is famous for, but obviously the mustache is what matters most of all.

John Oates

The band should have been called Hall & Oates & That Mustache because holy moly.

Lionel Richie

A mullet-mustache combo really takes this look to the next level.

Weird Al

Oh boy. That is one interesting looking mustache. It's so separated and also just awful.

Geraldo Rivera

Bet you didn't realize a mustache could take up more than 50% of a face...

Tom Selleck

"Hello? Who's this? The Council Of Perfect Mustaches? Yes, I will take your call and accept all awards" - Tom Selleck (probably)

Who do you think is the winner? Vote below!

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