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5 Fashion Items That Have Been Successfully Resurrected, And 5 We'd Rather Stay Dead

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Fashion is one of those things that seems to have a cycle that everything follows, so the same things become popular every few years. It has been happening since the dawn of fashion really, but it's just a lot weirder when it's the stuff you grew up wearing.

When you see a young kid rock the same style of outfit you wore when you were their age you suddenly feel like you've traveled through time. You'd expect for fashion to evolve over the years, but it honestly doesn't. It just spins in circles, occasionally scooping up some new additions or better fabrics, but mostly staying the same.

Watching fashion cycle back is sometimes comforting, but other times a little concerning. It really depends on what it was. There are times when something horrible comes back, something you never thought you'd see again.

These are some the most interesting items to have come back over the years. Five we've been happy to see, and five that should maybe just stay away.

1. Spandex

Spandex 80s
I promise they aren't like this anymoreThe Mind Body Moderate

Spandex used to have this glorious shine to it. It was carried forward from the years of disco dancing, through the decade of jazzercize, and onto the athletic aerobics classes, but now spandex has a whole new look.

While it never went away fully, it's found a new style recently with the improved "athleisure" look that lets you wear comfy and stretchy pants at all times.

Leggings and yoga pants are absolutely wonderful. I know there is a chunk of people out there who do not agree that they should be worn at all times, but honestly, have they even tried them?

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but then came the day where I ate a thanksgiving meal in jeans and realized that my sister was much more comfortable in her leggings. I won't make that mistake again!

They aren't all shiny and neon colors anymore anyways. You can get stretchy pants that look exactly like jeans, so I feel like there is literally no reason to be uncomfortable anymore. This one is a wonderful comeback.

2. Overalls

Rachel Green overalls

Overalls were my absolute favorite when I was a kid. There was something so comfortable about the baggy jeans that didn't cut into your waist, especially because they never really slipped down like a lot of other pants did.

Sure, you had to be careful when you went to the bathroom so you didn't accidentally dunk your strap in the toilet, but a little bit of caution meant that you would be comfortable all day!

Overalls being back is by far my favorite of the trends to return, and I have been searching for a good pair ever since.

I really don't care that some people say that are not flattering, because they too comfy to be bothered with what other people think.

3. Neon

Neon Clothes
The brighter the betterNickelodeon

Neon clothes were a big part of the spandex movement in the 80s, but it's back in a whole new way. You can now find a lot of shoes, jackets, and sweaters that have made the neon trend come back into the spotlight.

Whatever kind of neon object you choose, it's going to gain you a lot of attention. It doesn't matter what it is, neon just catches your eye from across a room and forces you to look at it.

Stars have been embracing this look whether it's Kylie Jenner's neon colored boots or a fun-colored crop top, neon seems to be here to stay.

4. Scrunchies

The higher the betterABC

Scrunchies were THE hair accessory of the 90s. Every single girl rocked one at one point or another, but now that they are back, we've all got another chance to wear them as much as we want.

Listen, I know what you're thinking because I thought it at first too. They are so big and they are just too much fabric for hair. Why is it necessary?

Well let me tell you, they are actually heaven-sent. They are so much more comfortable to wear than a regular elastic because it doesn't pull so tight, and better yet, you won't end up with those annoying bump marks. It's just good all around.

Highly recommend.

5. Denim Jackets

Elaine denim jacket
Usually they look a lot better than this now...NBC

Denim jackets really hit their stride in the 90s, but when Britney and Justin debuted their denim formal wear, they nearly killed us all. We all became afraid to wear a denim jacket in fear of being compared to the pop stars, and so we all quietly retired our jackets.

They've been cropping back up slowly, because they are a versatile and effective spring jacket, but now they've kind of become cool once again.

I don't know that I can really hate on denim jackets. I wore them in the 90s, and honestly now that they are back I can't help but look at them when they are in stores.

Even though there are a lot of good things coming back, there are a few things we just don't need:

1. Butterfly Clips

Sabrina the teenage witch

Butterfly clips are back... sort of. They don't really look like they used to, but now they've been given a modern geometric upgrade. Because apparently we don't want tiny bugs in our hair, we want little pyramids.

I am a little unsure on this one still. Sure, I use a hair clip to keep my hair out of my face a lot, and I was a huge fan of the butterfly clips (when I could get them to work), but I don't know if these are going to catch on as much as the others.

I think that butterfly clips may have flapped their wings one too many times, and now we may be done with them.

2. Jelly Sandals

I know, they are already back, but let's pretend they aren't for a minute. Because these shoes are just the worst.

There is no way that they are comfortable, there is no way they can feel good on your feet, and there is no way that the sweaty plastic will smell like anything other than death by the end of the day.

Jelly sandals are a hard pass for me.

3. Silky pants

Who else remembers those pants that felt like pajamas? They were probably comfy and I'm sure a lot of people were happy with them, but personally, I think the satin trend can just stay in the 90s and early 2000s please.

4. Dresses over pants

This was common by a lot of stars for reasons I will never be able to understand. Well, to be completely honest I can't even say that because I totally did it too.

It was a comfort thing, for me at least. I didn't like having my legs uncovered but I wanted to wear a skirt sometimes. Looking back, I wish I had just worn tights.

5.  Hypercolor shirts

Just please understand that the very last thing I want is a big ol' arrow to the sweaty parts of my body. I don't see why I need to tell you that, but it's just the worst and I don't like it. That is all.

Which trends do you think need to come back, and which should stay in the past?