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15 Nifty Facts About Pixar - Including Why 'Incredibles 2' Kept Us Waiting So Long

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If childhood memories had a "Made in..." stamp on them, a lot of yours would probably say "Emeryville, California."

That's where Pixar Animation Studios has their (seriously cool) headquarters.

If you were raised on their awesome movies, you'll probably be interested in these facts about the studio.

1. They love Easter eggs

Pixar has so many hidden jokes and eye-catchers they can't fit in one entry, but let's start with that iconic Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

It pops up in every Pixar film, but you need sharp eyes to spot it. Or you could watch this video that rounds up all the truck's appearances.

The Pizza Planet Truck hiding in 'Brave.'Pixar

2. Their movies cause pet crazes

Pixar's movies are so popular that they've actually damaged our planet's ecosystem. How? When Finding Nemo was released, the demand for cute, orange clownfish spiked.

The clownfish population in some regions dropped by a staggering 75% as they were harvested to meet demand.

The UK pet store chain Pets at Home also says their sales of pet rats shot up 50% after Ratatouille was released.

3. Steve Jobs was the man behind the company

Pixar started as a wing of Lucasfilm called Computer Graphics Division. They did special effects for movies like Star Trek II and Return of the Jedi.

Jobs bought the company for $5 million in 1986, and it turned out to be a smart investment. When Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006, Jobs became Disney's single largest shareholder.

4. Dory is the company's star

All of Pixar's characters have their own Facebook pages, and the blue tang fish from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is their most "liked" creation by far.

Dory has 24 million Facebook fans, which dwarfs Nemo's 21 million.

5. Recognize this voice?

John Ratzenberger (best known as Cliff Clavin from Cheers) has voiced a character in every single Pixar movie. You'll recognize him as Hamm the pig in Toy Story, and the Yeti in Monsters Inc.

By appearing in every one of the company's mega-hit films, Ratzenberger is technically one of the most profitable movie stars of all time.

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