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Drew Barrymore Recreated Her Childhood Fashion Choices, And Some Of Them Were Pretty Wild

Leave it to Drew Barrymore to put all of our Throwback Thursday pictures to shame.

The 43-year-old actress recently dug through her closet to play dress-up as "little Drew," revisiting outfits she was photographed wearing during her time as a child star.


As we've shared before, Hollywood in the '80s was a glamorous place, but the fashion choices of our favorite stars could be pretty questionable. Barrymore revealed the idea for this photo shoot came from photographer Laura Brown, who has known the actress for decades.

“We are recreating looks from a very specific time period in my life from when I'm about five to 10, which would be about 1980 to 1985," she explained. But while the actress insists "fashion always comes full circle," her taste as a child was definitely a little eccentric.

This picture captures Drew dressed up for a mother-daughter beauty pageant.InStyle

The cover story also gave the star a chance to reflect on her childhood growing up in the spotlight, which isn't always easy.

Born into a Hollywood acting dynasty, Barrymore had her first part as an 11-month-old, and her big break in E.T. came when she was just two.


"None of those pictures were taken at home,” she said in an interview for the cover story. “Not like people would necessarily have pictures of me at home, but it’s almost like I never was at home. I was always out and about."

But not all of Barrymore's outrageous childhood outfits remind her of the bad old days.

After a rebellious streak during her teenage years and a headline-grabbing emancipation from her parents at age 14, Barrymore says today she's nothing like the little girl in the old photos.


“And it’s funny because you’d have to take a crowbar and a spatula and a forklift to get me out of the house now.”

But Barrymore does notice a perfect resemblance between her younger self and her daughter Olive. “Like genetics are crazy," she said after uncovering one of her childhood pictures, "this is Olive, 100 percent.”

Barrymore says Mr. T was "Very nice, supercool, and everyone loved him."InStyle

In spite of all the painful memories connected to the early years of her career - including drug abuse and legal troubles - Barrymore says she "loved" revisiting her past.

"And I can honestly say I am a happy adult. I have to fight like a mega warrior for that happiness. But what comes easy? Nothing."


“I’ve just lived the exact life I wanted," she adds. "Some messy. Some valiant. But this is just me. Plain old me over a span of almost 40 years!”

Who wore it better? "Little Drew" or big Drew?

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